#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell


some of you have short memories

his first two years was known for his great left foot kick


not it wasn’t it was always loop and lacked penetration, he just did safe kicks.


His kicking is summed up by when he had all the time in the world to think about what he was doing, and just sat it on tippas head. Absolutely diabolical

He’s so important and so wasteful at the same time


Its very frustrating and kind of undermines his legitimacy as a captain. How can he in good conscience have a go at a guy for a ■■■■ kick when he is running at 30% himself.


I agree with the sentiment, but don’t know the incident?


Just speaking generally, not about a specific incident.


Constantly threw himself into contests today. Put his head over the footy etc the stuff that Selwood gets praised for so often.

Kicking let him down but can’t fault the effort. Hoping to see some improvement in his disposals though.


Something fkn odd going on with ol Hepp, and his disposal this year/today.

Reserving judgement until I’ve seen the replay though.


BJ was going at 100% disposal efficiency until the last quarter. Hurley hit many targets.


theres no way that stat is collected in any way to be meaningful.

his kick ins alone were woeful.


There was a v bad one, where he had Tippa and Hurley both 10 m. free and he kicked it between them, a Port player broke through and goaled. Hep was at fault.


Aren’t the management and leadership skills obvious??


Yep and in the first quarter he had 3 stinkers in a row and they goaled from one of them


great captain. terrible kick of the footy.

maybe zmerrett could be captn. but he plays so well unburdened by it.

so maybe hepp is the best choice. he is better option than goddard.


IMO he could play the rest of his career and never have such an off-day with hitting targets by foot. Expect him to work hard on this - as he always does - and come out firing accurate darts against the pies. His immense influence - along with Jobe - in steering the group through the saga can never be over-estimated. He is a great captain, a worthy successor to Jobe.


Nope, i donr want that responsibility.
Altho i do know if i was in a keadership group, i shoulsnt br giving hugs as it could be miscontrued as sexual harrassment.
Que the footy is different though, to which id rrply well pretty much none of us have been in a football leadership group.

He did it again this weekend whwn he ■■■■■■ up a kixk and landed it inbetween tippa and hurley , qnd they went down for a goal.
He just always seems non plussed by his or others mistakes.

Compare that to zac or even devon smith whos been at the xlub foe 6 games now. He doesnt accept shut efforts, like i watch stringer closely and his effort so far as been pretty spot on.
He kicked ir to the wrong spot, qnd i 5hink port ran it back down for a goal , and smith was blasting him foe not kixking to thw right spot.
Smith was also one of the first with a big smile running down to stringer when he kicked i think his boundary goal.

People say don5 let your emotions get in the way , and to a degree that should be the case. But footy is an emotional thing.
Hepp just wanders around out there, seemingly indifferent to it all.
I get he is prolly still effect mentally by the saga, which is why imo he shouldnt have been made captain , and just left to comr back and try and find the joy in footy. Cos atm he doesnt look like he enjoys it, and is just going through the motions.


Devon was filthy with his missed goal. Probably selff flagellating right now in disgust.


Good by you.


The one thing we needed above all else yesterday was a committed 4 qtr effort in the contest, the captain provided it.


Watching the replay it seemed to me that a lot of his kicks were off one step or trying to move on quickly with kicks around his body or even around his opponent. This includes kicks from marks and frees.

Possibly needs to get back off the mark and compose himself.

I can’t remember him having this issue prior to 2016. With his return in 2017 it seems more pronounced.

He is a good player (for all my criticism) but this is reducing his effectiveness. In the first quarter he had 7 kicks and only one hit the target.