#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell


This X 100. Seriously people have no idea. Just out for the easy kill.


As I said, statistics are just part of the picture, he applied pressure all day, in fact I think he had 9 pressure acts. The two combined tell a more accurate story.


9 pressure acts is probably not a reasonable argument.

Zerrett had 26 and he had a stinker. Laverde has 10 and he was playing forward. Stringer even had 11 and most people question his work rate.


I thought his output was okay yesterday and kicking a LOT better, but when Devon Smith has 15 tackles and the captain has one, that’s undefendable. It’s actually really a indictment on him that he is our captain and looked to, to set the standards and lift us and he lays one solitary tackle. Not good enough


The whole pressure act stat is ridiculous. Stringer, LAV and zerrett could of had 50000 pressure acts yesterday and they still would have been utterly bad and absolutely no influence


Yeah I get that… the only reason I mentioned it because, at the game, I saw Hepp apply pressure all day, I was surprised he only had one tackle, really surprised.


1 tackle for the game from our captain. 1!

He doesn’t lead to make an option for the kicker. Just jogs around without a care in the world

Doesn’t put blocks on for teammates

Been in the system a long time and has no upper body strength, just gets brushed off way too easily

Worst captain I have seen in my lifetime

One of the worst public speakers I have seen for a captain


I would be curious how a pressure act is defined.

If it effects the disposal of the opposing player then that’s fine but if he hits his target it’s irrelevant


Pick up the ball, hesitate, kick or handpass to wrong option, watch ya man sprint away while while I’ll jog


I recall something like that but it was a throwaway. Like when you getting rid of the mop dys.? Yeah no wakas shave it off for charity. laughs


Ahhhh ok
Although I doubt his appearance has anything to with our current predicament


1 tackle Darli!!! Maybe you are the one watching a different game?


But not surprising


Hep one of our best all year?!?!?

Would love to hear your explanation


Heppel, Zaka, Smith would be our best this season. Most players are having shockers.


Out of that list only Smith has been our best

The other 2 have been awful


They have been better than Myers, lav, Tippa, joe etc, etc.

It’s pretty easy to be top 5 in the bnf, becuase our team has been horrid.

I would be shocked if Zaka and Heppel were not top 5 currently.


Stewart, McKenna & Green not too far behind.


That’s indicative of where we are at.

2 blokes who’ve missed chunks of the season are in calculations of being our best.

Don’t disagree with your assessment either.


Hey lay off conor maaaaan