#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell


Joe’s safe then


Gee, clearly he needed a haircut.

Freaking muppets.


He has been very very good.


So glad he got one
Magically made him better and stuff


When you look up the term “captains game” you will see footage of him tonight. It wasn’t what he did with the ball, but how he competed without.

Was a warrior out there today


All heart tonight.
Got rid of the beard. Perhaps when he cuts his Shithouse hair he’ll be more damaging with those disposals.


Having a ripper year. I reckon he’s matured big time this year on an off the field. His interviews are pretty serious these days when he seemed to be going for the laugh a bit early days. Dyson great captain now and getting better every game.


Still at the ground signing autographs for the kids.


11.38. Dys is down in the rooms signing jumpers for the kids.

Just love him!


Whoever was “on” him got pantsed.


Good egg


It’s funny how stats tell you nothing. First 10 games were bog average and his kicking was an abomination. Last 2 months he’s been clean and composed, but same stats.


Kicking efficiency is a very misleading stat. There was a game earlier in the year where the commentators were saying Heppell had only hit one target by foot in the quarter because he’d only had one “effective kick”. If they’d actually watched the game though they would have seen him hit multiple targets that just didn’t happen to end up in marks to Essendon players.


When Pendles stole our win I think Hepp knew the level he had to get up to

Smokey for brownlow, having an excellent season


Looked to go head to head with Kennedy and yep he pantsed him, kept him to 1 clearance.


But not captain material :roll_eyes:


He’s playing well.

Still looks like a dill. Get a haircut.



Shoulda skoled that beer on Friday night when he went to the fence to say hi to the fans.


Gotta be in All-Australian contention. In another week he might be in the top 5 of the coaches votes.