#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell


Only them can he marry your daughter


Killing it.

IIRC today in HS article averaging 31 possesions over past 8wks or something.


Yet some people think Smith has the best and fairest won.

I think Heppell will win it


Nah, he needs to get a bike and a skin-tight lycra suit for that.


Have said it from the start.


I agree.
It’s definitely a 2 horse race though


Could have a tie with Hep and Smith


Dys is one of the 5 nominees for the MVP of the month.

Dyson Heppell (Essendon)

After a flat start to the season, the Bombers needed a lift and they found it in their skipper. Receiving his first MVP of the Month nomination, Heppell has averaged 31 touches since Round 16 and is the only member of the six nominees to feature in the coaches’ votes in all four games in July.

EDIT: Breust confirmed winner for July.


If this guy and Goddard don’t play today we win plain and simple.



How come you never post when we win?


This comment is.


Tried hard but terrible skills and cost us several goals today.


This guy can’t ■■■■■■■ kick the ball i’m not a professional but i reckon i can kick it better than him


For someone so composed early in his career his skills seem to abandon him now in big games with fast ball movement.


His best games are when he plays more of an inside game and extracts the ball. Playing more on the outside is not his thing and when he does it then issues happen. Watson also couldn’t play outside all that well so it would be good for Hepps to study his game and model himself on it.


Has been carrying the team on his back for a while now. As frustrating/ disappointing as today’s result is I won’t can him.


Yes he has been very good for most of the last 10 weeks, people tend to not bother remembering that but heaven forbid if he misses a kick, all hell breaks loose.


Last 10 weeks he has been fantastic. Today he was awful, I have no doubt he will bounce back next week


Has been immense since that debacle against Carlton but his ball use is a worry IMO, kicks the ball too high and gives opponents too good a look at it. Needs to clean that up.


Needs to spend the off season on his kicking