#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell



Should say, Heart, Strength, loyal. Blokes a ripper, glad he is the Captain.


Isn’t it funny how his hair is suddenly not an issue when we’re winning


Oh… it’s still an issue.


In the first half of the season he was a lot of those things, 2nd half he was the complete opposite









I don’t think anyone called him a junky btw


Played very well in most of the games we won, even the ones early in the season. Reckon he’ll get 20+ votes.


Turns out, he had a lot of blinders after this game. Absolute jet footballer who does what needs to be done, week in and week out.


You can’t be serious, that’s just a load of ■■■■.


Meh, my opinion

His form was awful at the start of the year, his kicking was worse

The difference in his leading out on the ground from the first half in the year compared to the 2nd half was night and day


I made that one up


I don’t doubt he will poll well. The majority of his criticisms surround his disposal which I don’t think umps factor into consideration too much when doing Brownlow votes. Wouldn’t be shocked at all if he came top 5…


Not surprised at all if he gets a heap of votes as his last 2/3 of the year was immense! Plus his 1st third wasn’t as bad as most suggest…not like it says much but he was still one of our best at the start.

Very lucky to have Heppell at EFC. Would be a worthy premiership captain IMO.


5 nobby votes round 1
3 nobby votes round 2
1 nobby vote round 3
2 nobby votes round 4
1 nobby vote round 7
4 nobby votes round 9
5 nobby votes round 10


Has had a super season. Very, very, very much underrated.


He was very good in the first month IMO. He was down (for his standards) in the second month, that we lost all 4. Then got injured in a game around the bye.

On Blitz that has suddenly stretched into him going missing the whole first half of the year. Would not be surprised if he wins the B&F.


He will win the Crichton with easy. Devon probs about 30 votes behind


I reckon he’ll win the Crichton easy also.


I don’t.