#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell


Which Mitch? The one with the Brownlow he won or the one with the Brownlow he was given?


It was only handed to him because he came second, not because they pulled a name out of a hat. He was very good that year. People down play him because he is a wanker but he was still a good player and part of a brilliant team.


Least deserving brownlow medallist since Fyfe got his.


Sam Mitchell was hardly the best player in his team and certainly wasn’t the fairest in the competition. He was and will always be a grub of the highest order though.


Priddis for mine.


Never said he was the best player in his team. Still a good player though and was certainly very good that year in question. But the idiots in here are carrying on because Hepps wants to learn from a guy who played in one the best modern teams to play footy, simply because they hate Mitchell.




I work with a Hawks premiership player from that era and he has said that Sam Mitchell was hands down the best player he has ever played with. Mitchell was a grub, but he was still a very good player.


If Mitchell wasn’t the grub he is,he would have refused Jobes’ medal I mean why would you want a medal for coming 2nd that year? even better if the AFL had any brains make the 2012 brownlow no winner or have 3 winners.

edit- even tho Jobe had his medal taken he’s still the 2012 Brownlow winner the record books wont say it but history does.


Priddis wasn’t a filthy sniper at all.


Agree with the fairest part, but Priddis was far from the best part, the other half of the Chas.


In the bests of his team / on the day

The Priddis hate I don’t get. Super consistent footballer and at that time the best mid in their side. I’m guessing Shuey was injured for most of 2015


What about that Heppell bloke eh. Good footballer. Family holiday down bloodstained’s way going well


It wouldn’t have been that simple.

Either you both accept the medal without fuss or we make your life a living hell


As if you two dont remember Woewodin


Woewodin wasn’t a filthy sniper.


This probably belongs elsewhere but anyway:
Woewodin came from nowhere, won a Brownlow in 2000, went back to nowhere!
In the 3 years before he got 2,6 & 4 votes and in the 2 years after got 4 & 3 votes.
Then he got 12 at Cwood in '03 then back to 2.
Go on, tell me there’s nothing to see here.

No problem with Priddis. Averaged 12 votes per year for 12 years


Woewodin had a phenomenal year that year.

I had him in a fantasy team and he was outstanding that year.


People have this fantasy that best and fairest winners have to have been the best over a few years, both before and after, to somehow qualify. It doesn’t matter how their individual year went just how their career went.

Woewodin may have been overall not the best in the league, however that one year he was outstanding.


Koutoufides was robbed blind in 2000.