#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell


Not sure what you are on about there KM?


Been relegated to half back

Coaches have no clue


I thought he was ok.
Tried hard most of the game. Moved himself to the backline when we were really struggling back there. Hardly a concern IMO.


No No No our capt, was terrible We’re was the oh ■■■ we’re getting smashed out of the centre let’s implement plan b .it didn’t happen / either tbell is injured or our muv\ch vaunted n\mid field is ■■■■■■


Heard him on the radio last week, reckon he used the term “bring the heat” at least four times and referencing pressure and being the no.1 pressure team since round 9 last year. Where has the pressure been this year?


I’m sorry but this guy wouldn’t inspire me to get out of bed in the morning let alone win a football game.

He had a ■■■■■ ton of potential when we drafted him but we’ve turned him into an average big-bodied midfielder.

I think a huge part of the problem today was leadership and that starts with one person on field… The captain.


Being captain requires getting the players ready. Failed yet again.
Being the leader on the ground and lack of runners requires making calls to change the game. Failed to make the call and put himself, Smith and one of Myers/Shiel/Merrett in the guts for a good block early to ramp up the intensity.
Can’t believe he didn’t start in the middle and have no ■■■■■■■ idea why Smith our best pressure player started in the goal square for the first bounce. Set the tone with your hardest players.
If he wants us to be the number one pressure team and fails again he has to reconsider his position. I think the blame is on him moreso than our coaching panel. Couldn’t get the team to pressure, gut run nor calm them down from fumbling. If we’re not breathing fire from the first bounce against the Saints he has to stand down.


Stand down?


Will never happen!

He is our least inspiring captain that we have had for a long time.

The strangest thing about him is that he’s the most country sounding bloke in the AFL yet he wouldn’t be out of place in a boatdroom with the language he uses.


You don’t bring the heat by covering half as much distance as your opposition. That is bringing the couch.


Totally disagree.

Was the only one in the first half to actually get the pill , put himself in the action and not fumble the thing every friggin time.


Getting the pill is just one part of being a captain.

Inspiring by your own actions is another.

Heppell and Myers has 3 contested possessions each with only ten minutes remaining in the game.

That’s no where near good enough for senior players and leaders.


I don’t like the idea of Heppell being played in or near the backline. He is one of our best clearance players and as captain he needs to be played on ball so that he can set the tone.


The captain is not our problem. Not even top 5. In my opinion.


It starts with him though, it’s a big problem.


He has bought the EFC Game Plan whatever that is this week?


Technically it starts with the coach


Essendon captain Dyson Heppell says the club can’t hide away from its loss to Greater Western Sydney.

The Bombers’ 2019 campaign begun in disappointing fashion on Sunday, losing to the Giants by 72 points, which leaves them on the bottom of the ladder ahead of round two.

Essendon was outplayed from the beginning of the contest and kicked just three goals to three-quarter time and managed only five majors for the game.

Heppell said he was “extremely disappointed” with the showing as the Bombers look to return to the finals this year.

“We certainly came into that game feeling we were prepared and ready. That’s far from what we’re all about. It didn’t show up the way we would’ve liked and we’ve got to look at that closely,” the captain said on Monday.

"We can’t just sweep that under the rug. It’s going to take a little bit to move on from that. You’ve got to have a close look at where we did fall apart.

“But you don’t learn unless you go through adversity and we’ve copped that round one early in the season, and we’ve really got to learn from this. I know we’ll bounce back.”

Essendon was without key posts Cale Hooker and Joe Daniher, but faced a Giants line-up that was missing midfield cogs Josh Kelly and Callan Ward, plus defender Nick Haynes.

The Bombers, with new recruit Dylan Shiel facing his former side, were tipped to be a rising side this season and Heppell said Sunday’s performance didn’t reflect the playing group.

“It takes a bit to digest what’s just happened,” Heppell said.

"Having a bit of a look at the game on the plane on the way home and there’s a few efforts there that you think that’s just not us. It’s not the way we want to play our footy and we don’t stand for that.

“We’ll have a look at that, address it, and be really clear, open and honest about the way we performed and I think that’ll allow us to address it and then shift onto next week.”

Forward Jake Stringer arrived at the Bombers’ Tullamarine base having had scans on his foot following Sunday’s game, but said he had been given the all clear despite some bone bruising.

The Bombers have made alterations to their gameplan to beef up their defensive structures this season, and Heppell said he was optimistic they will find much-needed cohesion in coming weeks.

“It’s not a massive shift from the way we played last year. I’m certainly surprised we haven’t clicked how we would’ve liked. Eventually it’s going to click for us, and it will, and I know we’re not going to perform like that again. I’m confident in the group to really bounce back,” he said.

Essendon faces St Kilda at Marvel Stadium on Saturday.


“Eventually it will click for us”

Most likely when we are 2-8.

When the pressure is off we look fine, but when the pressure to perform is on we go to water.

Mentally weak.


When is a player going to have the nerve and guts to say, “I AM TRUCKEN ANGRY wITH THE WAY WE PLAY AND RESENTED OURSELVES.” Own it!


It won’t click until like last year they throw the compressing the field style out the window, just like they did in round 9 last season they finally decided to keep a player or two deep forward. This opens up the field and its the way our players like to play. The players hate the compression style and are sooking it up just like last season. Im astounded they are trying this again after last seasons disaster, the only change to the set up used from round 9 onwards that was needed for 2019 was zoning through the mid arcs instead of one on one, this alone would have upped our defence but they seem to have gone completely over the top again and implemented a entire new system. Was at the game live, picked it up in the first 5 minutes when i saw our forwards pressed up to almost the defensive 50 i thought ‘here we go again’.