#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell


Dyson is a ■■■■■■ good footballer although limited by his poor kicking but is not a natural leader. He has fallen for the corporate training methods rather than learn from the greats of the game and demand respect from teammates and opponents alike.

Too much cuddling and not enough challenging. You will lose a few soldiers along the way by challenging standards but the ones that remain will go into battle for you every time.

He needs to step aside.


Tell him to cut his f u c k i ng hair.

I hate this stupid bogan easy going captain.

We need a take no s h i t demand excellence captain.

Cale Hooker should be captain, and if all reports are true, he was the peer voted captain.


I fully can understand maybe he was just joking to make Myers feel better, and I know he cares, but surely as captain he should know that laughing is not a good look? Pat him on the bum and say better luck next time mate, not have a giggle about it. Time and a place, supporters are hurting and angry, probably not what they want to see from their captain after a tough loss.





Yeah, nah
Heard it all before. Pure lip service


I don’t understand that attitude, he’s devastated, he gets criticised, he’s not devastated, he gets criticised.

There’s lots wrong with this footy club. LOTS.

Heppell is certainly not one of them.


Yeah you sure looked gutted at the final siren there skipper. It’s all words and no action from this club.

The fact that Myers actually had the nerve to make a joke and smile after the siren makes me sick. Then add in the captain laughing as well, the culture at this club stinks


Why do you keep on with this when you know it’s untrue?


That interview sums Dyson up.

His persona changed as the topic of discussion changed just as he’s trained too.

There is nothing good to be taken from that game and yet he’s telling us that they should hold their heads high and prepare for next week!

Missing targets can be fixed but commitment should be a non negotiable and he’s talking about it like you would be discussing the weekly grocery list with the misses.

I’m sick of these rational post game interviews, I want some farking passion and care for this once proud club!


Actions speak louder than words.
He hardly had a touch in the first half and really think his leadership is questionable at times. It’s up to him to lead by example and some of those floating bombs inside our forward 50 in the last quarter were disgusting.


I really think that both were just releasing their hurt by laughing


He lifted a bit in the second half, but before that he was very ordinary, uninspiring and ineffective.
Works his butt off and has some great characteristics, but he doesn’t seem to be having an impact on the field.
His kicking can be so poor at times.


because it’s correct! Myers said with a smile on his face “ a bit too far for an old fella”. Heppell laughed and smiled back.

Why even make a joke in that situation???


I dont get this.
You say theres lots wrong with the football club , but dys isnt one of them.

How is he not apart of the things that are wrong with the club, when he is a by product from and within all the things that are wrong with the club?

Thw things that are wrong with this club and its culture have grown and moulded heppell into what he and alot of the senior players are and consider "professional " standards, yet compared to well run football clubs, our standards for success are so far behind good clubs, that ita not funny.

So heppell is a problem and an issue , because he is the after production embodiment of what essington is and stands for.

So how can someone breed feom a ■■■■ culture and so many things wrong with it, see that there is an actual deep seated core problem with the xlub, certain players on the list et c etc , let alone be able to change or fix said wrong things within the club ??

Bomber Thompson was definitely right, we just still have way to many players at this club who are happy to jist be an afl player.
Sadly foe us, our “captain” is one of them.


Cos you know that you’ll
Never get dropped no matter what you do?


Have you ever not smiled when you’re not happy… have you ever not accepted an apology with a smile even though you’re hurting?

We want our players to be themselves, yet we lambast them for it. We want a tight team yet we hate it when they show care for one another.

Let’s be totally honest.

We want to win.

When we do, everything is OK.

When we don’t, everyone is fair game.


A player who deeply cares would of looked disappointed after the game. See smith and Zac in the background- they are gutted

The captain should of been putting his arm around those two, not the guy making a joke.

Zac and smith show more leadership out on the field and play the way a captain should than both Myers and Heppell


Even i smiled at the absurdity of the kick Myers was trying to take. And i was ■■■■■■■ angry at the time.


The captain looked like he was about to cry 30 seconds later.