#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell


You misquoted Heppell. Heppell said the senior players were not setting enough of an example/standard out on the field at the time but the young players were, in Heppell’s eyes.

McGrath I don’t think Dyson has set a foot wrong this whole season from a leadership point of view .

This is not the same as you saying "…when he came out last year and said he wasn’t providing enough leadership for the young players. "



Isn’t setting an example and leadership the same thing or at least intertwined?

The fact that this season mirrors last season highlights we are not learning.


If you are going to quote him get it right.




You’ll never be leadership material with that sort of a response.


Not really concerned about that when people are more interested in semantics rather than the actual context.

I wouldn’t disrespect your posts if you actually provide a reasonable argument as to how Heppell is a strong leader.

We are in a results based industry and we are not performing well in that regard.


The point you keep missing is that McGrath DISAGREED with Heppell’s assessment of what Heppell was like.


That wasn’t my point though was it?

Now you are misquoting me.


I am not misquoting you at all, your statement was never misquoted, taken out of context or part quoted. Your opinion is wrong imo and your supposition is faulty.


Then what is your opinion on why the club continues to embarrass itself?


Well it sure doesn’t revolve around one player with a bad haircut who actually does bleed for this club and gives his all and has been one of our top players and leaders on the field. He isn’t perfect by any stretch but he isn’t the repository of all evil as you seem to want.

I have addressed in a few threads about what is wrong with this club, Heppell’s thread bares no relevance to my opinion on our woes.


I have never at any stage have said that it’s all on Heppell.

I have said there are huge cultural issues and a leadership divide and Heppell as captain is a part of that.

Removing Heppell as captain would not automatically fix everything. There are a few others that I would prefer to go before him.


You have no evidence of any leadership divide at all. Comments like that are what causes this online feeding frenzy, people throwing out statements as though they are true. I also do not think we have a cultural issue at all, the players are professional, no one is running around getting drunk, taking drugs, running into parked cars, any of that sort of thing.

We have a playing group that for some reason isn’t gelling the way they should, and Heppell’s leadership isn’t to blame for this. From the reports that do come out from the players he is a good leader to both the young and more senior players and none of them have any issues with him at all either on or off the field.

The issues with Heppell’s leadership is all fan driven. They don’t like that he is corporate speak as a person, that he always remains positive and happy. They want a player who is angry like them and berates everyone. That is not who Heppell is as a player or person whether we like it or not. That does not make him a bad leader though as leadership comes in all shapes and styles. And what he is like in person behind closed doors is not something any of us are privileged to see, but from some snippets that occasionally come out, he calls a spade a spade when it is required.

If we had a coach who was a bit more angry after games we might not turn on Hepps as much as we do.


Hooker and Hurley both have expressed they were not happy with being dropped from the leadership group.


Do you have direct quotes that show that?

Even still that doesn’t speak of a leadership divide, i am sure plenty of players would like to be on the leadership group and miss out. That’s not Heppell’s fault either, it is the players who vote on this stuff.


Pops Kelly is one that mentioned it and it has been mentioned by others.

I could look but I couldn’t be bothered.

If I found a quote you wouldn’t address it anyway.


Actually i would, because I have never seen these quotes, only seen people talk about it on here. never found it anywhere either.

And my second sentence did address it. Players being disappointed doesn’t equal a leadership divide, just means players are disappointed.


we have a habit of playing very poorly against poor opposition

For whatever reason we are not arriving with the right mindset. Imo that is on the coaches and leadership group.


Here is one quote I found in The Rage:
The view was that a more “streamlined” approach was preferable, with Hooker and Hurley – who have both earned All-Australian honours in the past – happy for the younger contingent to carry out the official leadership duties.

Another from Sporting news:
“Feedback from our playing group was overwhelmingly in support of Dyson being named as captain for a third straight year,” Worsfold said.
"They feel strongly aligned with his leadership qualities and values and this was consistent throughout this process.

From what I can find the questions about Hooker and Hurley being very upset comes from Damien Barrett, the flog, and he acknowledges in a brief sentence that in reality they were okay about it all:
CALE Hooker and Michael Hurley were shocked, hurt and embarrassed to be overlooked for leadership positions at Essendon for the 2019 season.
They both quickly moved on.


Are the players wanting him removed as captain?