#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell


Who knows?

I’m not suggesting they do am I?

That’s not an argument to keep him is it?


Isn’t the captain chosen by the players? If so, shouldn’t they play a big part of him no longer being captain?


That doesn’t make for a good online rant now does it? It’s all Hepps fault, he should get a haircut and be angry.


How often do captains get the role taken off them when they are in their prime?

Coaches always go first.


I’m sure you could point to many good footballers of days gone by who weren’t great kicks but made up for it in many other ways.


As they should, rarely has it anything to do with the captain. And generally what happens is the captain stands down if the coaches and players quietly suggest it might be time for a new one. As the coaches and players currently think Hepps is going well then i doubt this will change. So maybe focus on something else for a change.




Not sure the reasons they stepped down though.

I’d argue the coach has a greater impact on overall performance and culture of the club so am unsurprised they are usually first to go.


not to pick sides or anything, however honestly who the ■■■■ cares what these players want ?
the same players who can’t execute a gameplay, can’t stick to their own supposed standards, can’t perform week to week … i could keep going but you and others know the long list of what these players don’t do.

So why should they have any say in who is captain, they have not earnt the right.

it’s pointless cos it won’t happen, but still the players do not deserve the right to have a say anymore.


I don’t think imposing a captain is a good idea. What sort of authority or respect would they have. Would be difficult for them i think.


The captains job is to be the bridge between the coach and the playing group.

Good captains rarely look good under poor coaches for that reason.

I don’t think Wooshs coaching style and seemingly laid back attitude brings out the best in Dyson’s leadership ability.


I think it’s pretty clear why Roughy was taken out of the role. He’s now not even playing seniors.

I think coaches should select the captains and leadership by the way.

I would love to select my boss but that would be just to easy to slack off.


This is good leadership :blush:


I think it’s a bit extreme to drop him to the VFL.


We do need a decent forward coach. He’d be great for Gown in particular.


Love Hepp. Very good player. Seems a top bloke. Shithouse captain. Give it to Smith or Zac.


Personally, I think if we had a coach who wasn’t so “low energy” and instead had one that had a modicum of intensity then Heppell’s leadership would be much better as a result.


Have we ever seen him get angry on field? Show massive passion? Given a mate a spray? I’m sure his carefree attitude is endearing and ability to be their best mates is great and I’m sure he’s been well trained in the media like an expert and says all the right things off field, but I’m not sure when they look at him they think of a “follow me or else” kind of leader that has that intense, whiteline fever passion that burns with agony after a loss. He seems to glide around the ground racking up blind snap kicks from a clearance. To me he seems like a great, carefree funny guy that doesn’t take too many things too seriously. Godard used to get sh*t on for doing what he couldn’t do.


Auditioning for a job


Hepp was tremendous in the 2nd half trying to pull the boys with him over the line. Brilliant captaincy to set such an example onfield in the heat where it matters. He’s layback off field but hard as stone when it matters.


Someone said it before but I think it bears repeating. Imagine Lloyd taking a mark even 80 metres out and having to kick after the siren just to tie a match in the pre-season cup. He’d be fkn suicidal if he missed. Many don’t rate him as a skipper and I get that but that’s what he’s like. To compare that to Heppell and Myers on Friday night says a lot.