#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell


In fairness, he was the only one you could see having a proper crack when the game was on the line in the last quarter


The players have to take some responsibility. Don’t just let them off the hook like that.


Yep. He’s gutted. People around here like to talk about context but only when it suits them.


This is it in a nutshell. And the club has been this way for a long, long time. Certainly longer than the current players/coaches. Sport is always filled with underdogs getting up, but we’ve been prone to being on the receiving end far, far too often. We’ll have wonderful wins against top sides, and then predictably and apparently inevitably lose many matches against bottom four opposition. The club as an entity seems to expect it to happen, it’s like a self fullfilling prophecy. Paralysed by fear and expectation, and ultimately we don’t believe in ourselves at all.

There’s nothing uncompromising or non negotiable about us as a club these days. And hasn’t really been for almost two decades. I’ve said it before, we’re a dishonest club in a footy sense. Totally inconsistent.



Or we are very slow learners or; is it the teachers who are the problem?


This is it in a nutshell for me.

Anyone who’s been here more than 5 minutes remembers when everything was Thomson and Hird’s fault; when it was Knights’ fault; when it was Sheedy’s fault.

Worsfold is right that the players need to drive the club upwards.
No coach can or will.


I have an issue with our development and have had for a while but I also see huge inconsistency in output and execution also.

The development I put squarely on the coaches.

Output and execution for mine are on both the coaches and the playing group. In terms of the playing group the leaders have more responsibility.


They showed after round 8 last year that they can play very good football, and guess who the coach was? Now that they’ve dropped off it’s up to them to turn things around.


He just read the Lid Off thread.


What has happened to Hepp.

First 2-3 years of his career he looks like a potential Brownlow medalist.

Do you reckon it’s the supplments saga that has taken its toll or being captain?


Didn’t have a problem at all with his explanation of a brief moment with his team mate. I thought Hep played a pretty good game. Yes, he has his limitations but he is a heart and soul type player, you can add Hooker, Myers, Hurley, and bags to that group. All players that are left from the saga and stayed at this mess of a footy club.

I understand we are all hurting, but some of the comments here are astounding to me, and you need to pull your heads in.

Players play roles in a system in modern day footy. The coaches set the way they are to play, if they pick the same players week in week out for performing there role. Then that is on the coaches not the player himself.

Attack the coaches they have been absolutely dismal in pretty much every aspect as far as Im concerned. But I am sick and tired of attacks on Heart and soul players like Hepp.


The leadership group is certainly partly to blame for this. But my aim is further up the chain then that.


I’m not sure that’s true.


Um sorry? Myers? His tackling and intent on Friday night was abysmal


Such a subtle way of calling me a liar.

Brilliant work.


Not everything - if anything - is black and white. I assure you, if I wanted to call you a liar I would, but would prefer to do that face to face. I said what I meant. I’m not sure that is true. I think you may be referring to secondhand commentary mistakenly.


There was an interview(video) from preseason where Pops mentioned it.

You can either take my word for it or call me a liar and I will find it.

Up to you.


He isn’t a good tackler at all any week to be honest. Thats one of many limitations he has. Its not his fault they keep selecting him.

Hell last year he dropped himself back to the VFL, was BOG by a mile then came straight back in. He must do what the coaches want from him. Many here cant see it, and its very hard to disagree with them. But don’t blame the player.


Again - I did not call you a liar.
But you do seem to have a comprehension block.
I said that you may be referring to secondhand commentary. And I’m not certain about that, or I wouldn’t have used the word ‘may’.

FFS man, why do you have to make it a ■■■■■■■ fight?