#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell




I’ll cop murmurs, even grumblings.




Privately seething; publicly outraged


Anybody who thinks Langford has been our best player over the last 6 weeks is a straight-out blithering fool.

Stats mean very little.


I don’t think anyone does but it shows he had had a decent 6 weeks.

Head scratcher for everyone.

He is a confidence player, so why drop him if Hepp was always gonna miss


Not really, many saw the reason why, just a few that didn’t. Anyway this is the thread for Hepp, so take Langford back to his own thread.


He’s been a contributor every week, but hasn’t had consistency within games. For mine, probably been 5th or 6th of the ~8 mids we usually pick.

I don’t mind stats but some of these ratings things are baffling, and totally opaque. No way known he’s been our best.


I think it’s time to panic.


proper cooked


Wotchoo talkin’ bout Willis’ ? :thinking:


See you next season Hep


Any danger of someone being #notaflog, and actually posting wtf they’re on about? :no_mouth:



Nice that Worsfold thanks the supporters for helping the team/players lift.


Told you guys he was cooked but you wouldn’t listen


I’ve no doubt if he’s anywhere near fit, he’ll give no less than 100%. That may not be perfect, but he definitely puts his all in every week.


Makes sense if there is any doubt and we have a 6 day break for Adelaide.

Think he’ll be right for that game.