#22 Irving ‘MO22IE’ Mosquito


Hawthorn’s Lament.

Irving the Mozzie, He’s Irving the Mozzie

Straight from Hall-s Creek to you.

Hawthorn’s to seize, with the greatest of ease.

Straight from Hall-s Creek to you.

He’s rad and lean and kicks mighty clean.

We’re afraid of no-one, ‘cept the man called Jackets courting

Hate that Jackets thwarting.

One play and Irving the Mozzie,

Apple of our old Hawthorn’s eye was Irving,

Poor Bomber Irving, Irving the Mozzie, a victim of thwarting.

Jackets came courting,



Personally l blame The Geisch.


Nah Baguleys spot


AFL draft 2018: Irving Mosquito starts Essendon training

Lauren Wood, Herald Sun

3 minutes

The Mosquito has landed.

Essendon welcomed its four draftees at Tullamarine today, with Irving Mosquito causing a buzz already.

The excited – and nervous – teenager was taken at pick 38 by the Bombers on Friday having watched the draft at his second home in Gippsland, where he played TAC Cup with the Power.

And while the Kimberley product admits he is still adjusting to Melbourne life – and weather – he can’t wait to get stuck into life as an AFL player.

“I’m ready to get going,” he said with a beaming smile.

“I’m just keen for preseason and excited to be here.”

Essendon recruits Irving Mosquito, Tom Jok, Brayden Ham and Noah Gown at Tullamarine. Picture: Michael Klein

Bombers star Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti – who also lived in and played for Gippsland as a teenager – is a favourite, with Mosquito already taking the opportunity to meet his new teammate this morning.

“I love him and I love how he goes,” he said.

“I had a chat to him this morning when I came in, so I was pretty happy. I had a big smile.”

Mosquito, 18, moved from Halls Creek – almost 700km east of Broome – to Victoria when he was 11, with his family still back home in the Western Australia community.

He has moved in with new teammate Orazio Fantasia while things get sorted, and said he believed having spent his teenage years living away from home would stand him in good stead.

But city life is a whole different kettle of fish to Gippsland for the teen, whose shivers were evident on a chilly morning in Tullamarine.

“It’s way different (living in the city), seeing everyone around,” he said.

“It’s a way different lifestyle. It’s pretty cool. Sometimes I’m really cold.”

Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti at Bombers pre-season training. Picture: Michael Klein

He said he was proud to be joining a club with such a strong connection to the indigenous community and that he had smiled when he saw the statue of Michael Long at the club’s front door, but is expecting some fun from commentators with his unique name.

But there’s one thing to remember – he doesn’t play like anyone else, “just Irving Mosquito”.

“Yeah, I reckon (Bruce) McAvaney will have a bit of an impact with my last name,” he said.

“(My nickname is) just Mozzie, I don’t mind that.”

Andrew McGrath wrestles with Dylan Shiel. Picture: Michael Klein


ha! didn’t know about that one, that’s gold.


I didn’t realise Mozzie was that short, nor that Ham was the tallest of all of 'em…???


And frankly we should have a word with the architects. What is this, a training centre for ants?


The training centre is a bit over-awed by our draftees.


Kinda looks like a yip-yip from sesame street



He must be ■■■■■■ excited. Last week he thought he’d be drafted to Hawthorn, Now he’s living with Orazio Fantasia.


Hello, Fantasia Mosquito residence…


Has quickly changed his tune on his nickname. Now happy to be called Mozzie. What a difference a weekend makes.


Should finish his year 12 at Brighton Grammar under the watchful eye of Shaw.


… “The Swamp”

Hmmm, . … :thinking:

Or would that be more a Mosquito Fantasia Residenceit??


Will have the pressure on Bags


Yes, but no.

There is a very natural and logical transition from Baguley to Mosquito at the end of 2019. I think it works pretty well in theory, and would be pretty surprised if (all healthy) it didn’t work out that way.

Houlahan, if he is going to make it, will want to have something to say about that transition as well though.


Nothing like pressure to raise the bar and efforts. Year 12 studies aside, Irving would be making things interesting at the selection table if he puts some games together.


If Bags plays like he did last year he’ll be fine. He kicked 20 goals and didn’t even move to the forward line until round 9.


Has a pick 37 ever had this much publicity?