#22 Irving ‘MO22IE’ Mosquito


This kid is going to be the face of Essendon’s future marketing.
Kids are going to love him.
Hell…I love him!


Anyone else wonder wtf Matteo Guendouzi was doing at Essendon when Long rocked up?




When it was traded for Adam Cooney?


Still cant believe we got him!


Big photo on back of tomorrow’s Herald Sun. Drafting Irving is certainly helping our media profile already!


Typical. Only had pick 37 and yet Essendon are overshadowing earlier clubs/picks and making it all about themselves.


I thought that headline was about me and my fly (left wide open), not about a mosquito.


Got a feeling he’s going to do great things not just on the field but off it as well. I think he’s a kid during the off season will love going back home and getting around all the young indigenous kids at clinics and events like that.

He’s so excited, always smiling. Really pumped we have him.


l would like to see him take 4 - 5 other players along with him.


What a legend!

Looks more excited than a mosquito in a nudist colony. :grin:


Quoting Buckenara from his draft predictions for Hawthorn:

Players with the electricity Mosquito provides are hard to find and although he needs to improve his endurance base, the Hawks will be patient with him and match a bid if one eventuates.

Plays like: Cyril Rioli (Hawthorn)

Don’t forget, he actually did recruit Cyril.


“Bit of an impact”. Ha! If he means “blowing his load” then yes, he is correct.


Phrased with a totally unnecessary tag question, won’t he?


Can’t recall that at all.

Points for Lucas Radebe btw.


Noonan: the wizard of Moz

Yes, I see your point.


I have to admit, I’ve watched that first day video about 10 times


Me too, … but I still can’t understand most of what’s being said.

Got all the “How ya Goin mate’s” and a few other lines, but not much else.


“Follow Raz, what Raz does… professional”


Talks to Noah about how alot of Gippy boys are that he club.