#23 David Myers


His big body protected the kids.


and why he got 3 years?


It’s really hard to not be critical of him, I’m just hoping someone who actually knows why he was playing, could provide me some info or insight to what role he is playing and why he kept his spot

Because as it sits, I rate him as our worst midfielder which bemuses me that bird or Langford did not get more opportunity than Dave. Neither of them are worldbeaters but for example il use Langford, I don’t see Kyle being ANY worse than what Myers dished up this year, he could of played the exact same role, we could of been no worse off and we probably would know where Langford is headed. But nope. It makes zero sense to me. Which is why, I hope someone can make sense of it for me


Honestly? He’s one of a very few who can actually stand up in a tackle, and his ability in contested situations is still pretty good. We struggle terribly in both those aspects.

But that’s as far as it goes with him. His disposal went to crap, his pace is a problem and he doesn’t have the presence overhead a guy his size should.

I reckon he got games based on what a guy his age, experience and type should be producing. It certainly wasn’t based on his actual output.


I would rather Melksham which is saying something.


While this is true the problem is he often fumbles the ball anyway and thus misses the opportunity to display this strength. He’s not a clean one grab player which holds him back from being a gun big bodied stopagge player.


I’m an unashamed Myers fan, so I’ll keep saying it on the hope he delivers.

That said, I was also a massive Kepler Bradley and Courtney Johns fan so I do occasionally back the wrong horse…


He has been underwhelming most of the season. It appears he has been gifted games by Woosha, because his output has been substandard, he hasn’t earnt selection based on form.

Needs to be delisted. The only hurdle is his contract, with 2 years left to run. l would consider almost any trade as an instant upgrade.


Yep. 100%. I’m very disappointed in his season.


People really think he’s going to be delisted?

He was picked every week he was fit other than when he dropped himself. Coaches clearly think he’s best 22.


Delist if there’s a better option. If not, keep him. Unfortunately, because I think he’s next to useless. However, that’s the reality.


He has a contract to stay until the end of 2019. We can’t delist him.


And what a huge stuff up that was, should’ve been a 1 year deal. You don’t give out 3 year deals to 28 year olds who have taken 10 years to get to 100 games in the hope they’ll come good. But as you stated we’ll be seeing him in the No.23 for another two seasons at least


What do you think Collingwood will do with Chris Mayne? He has another 3 years. They will bite the bullet and pay out the contract and get rid of him.

I think Myers will get one more year because Jobe has retired as he is literally our only big bodied mid. Not saying he should but I think it will pan out that way.


Im a bit of a fan of Myers. I think there’s genuine likelihood that he will be better next year due to role, preseason and most importantly some pace around him.

But. From the Brisbane game onwards, every match he was given would have been far better served being given to Langford. An incredibly bland and non productive year.


We won’t though


how will Myers improve with pace around him? he can barely get a handpass out these days, he is as cumbersome as a ruckman, seriously, he is pure scania


I guess because someone needed to help Jobe get the ball out to our fairy midfield. And it was either him or Bird. Well fkd either way.


It still counts to your salary cap for those years though doesn’t it? Why would you hamstring yourself if that’s the case.


People saying: “Find whoever gave him 3 years and sack them!”

That would be Dodoro who is the list manager responsible for the negotiation of all player contracts, wouldn’t it?