#23 David Myers


it’s often chicken and egg - weak mental health could harm form and the opposite.
when someone is in the form of their life they’re probably less prone to mental sickness/ can overcome or confront it more easily than if injured or in poor form.


Why and now in hindsight it has maybe proved the right decision to let David decide, unless you are an expert on mental health.
Used to tolerate you on here and found you a bit amusing sometimes but you actually seem like a bit of a twit lately.
Good on David to come forward and tell it how it really is, hope this doesn’t happen to you one day mate because life my seem rosy now but you never know what tomorrow brings. Good luck in your narcissism.


Wait you’re suggesting we should give players who have mental health concerns a pass on their match day form and let them decide whether or not they should play? Sorry but it’s not controversial or narcissistic (dunno how you got there?) to suggest that’s not a good idea.

It’s like Joe playing when he was clearly injured, out of form but the club kept playing him. Poor decision with Joe to keep playing him because it detrimentally impacted the teams form, and I reckon it’s just the same for Myers.

What’s controversial about it?

I got nothing against Myers voicing his issues, good for him, remove the stigma. But his form was bad and I’m not sure exceptions should be made with poor form.


Should quit while you’re behind alex.


This has been dealt with


When has it been dealt with?


My understanding was that it if he hadn’t have ‘rushed’ back for the last couple of games right before the verdict, he would not have had to sit out the next season.

I.e he had already spent most of the year on the sidelines and the penalty would have been backdated to his last game?


I doubt it. He was injured, not provisionally suspended


Nothing would surprise with those clowns, but there were definitely guys who were out injured at the end of 2015 - lots of them, and they all came back at the same time.


So it is still all James Hird fault, move on people, Infiltrated , destroyed and now we have rebuilt, look ahead please!!


Is the 94 in your name, the year of your birth or your IQ?

Think you are over-rating yourself.


Much praise to Myers for continuing to raise awareness for metal health, harder and braver than you could imagine opening up and exposing yourself, sadly many still view it as a weakness to expose themselves so to speak. Some find it easy, some hide behind themselves their whole lifes until the end. Continuing to improve resources available both in and after football is something that need to addressed and improved, and good on Myers for opening himself up. One of the biggest battles you’ll fight in life is with your mind.

Also, I know it’s a popular theme, but berating other users for a difference of opinion is completely unproductive and doesn’t make you a better person for trying to abuse a person for being unaware of the effects mental health can have, and the depths it can bring a person. Infact it seems pretty stupid to on one hand preach and then on the other hand do the exact opposite to others, whom might have no resources to lean on or support. Instead of name calling and basically sh*tting on people’s opinions (which I can assure you will only serve to cause animosity and grudges) maybe using that same time to try spread some positive or potentially teaching experiences to those that perhaps aren’t as aware. In this case, correct me if I’m wrong, but Alex is basically saying that his mental health shouldn’t be used as a pass for keeping him in the side? Not quite sure he’s actually shat on his mental health or anything, and he’s actually right. If a player is in poor form then they shouldn’t be in the side. That’s spot on. I’m hoping in the future that if more players open up then it’ll encourage others to do the same and you’ll see more players stepping back to remove themselves for a period to get their minds right. I don’t think enough players do it. Because that in most cases will improve form more than trying to fight through it.

As for his on field form, Myers still has the chance to end his career on a great note from a mostly disappointing career being held back from injuries and poor form, and whilst improved this year with some outstanding individual performances still lacks consistency. Will a good pre-season fix this? Maybe. All I know is his best in amazing, and we don’t see it enough. I’ll be honestly surprised if he’s still in the side come end of next year, I see our younger midfield improving to a point where I don’t see a role other than maybe a depth role. I’m very excited for next year, and Myers at his best for a whole season is an exciting prospect. I don’t have an egg in this race, I just comment on what I see on field but I do fully support any fights against mental demons. As for his mental health battles, all the best to him, I hope the club gets around him and I’d be disappointed if the club didn’t go out of it’s way to give the man everything he needs. Either way his left leg will go into the hall of fame for legs with Scotty Lucas, could we somehow clone that leg for future generations?


I swear you’ve used this quip more than several times.


Then you are a farking slow slow learner


And did he lose that glorious mo?


That’s pretty much it. People seem to be indicating it explains the coaches decision to keep him in the team but I don’t see how?




FFS he David didn’t even realise it was a mental health issue, now he is dealing with it. The coaches are not reading peoples minds, so WOW


Good post.

On the flip side of it is those having a crack at someone having difference in opinion are sometimes just covering self esteem and persecution issues. sometimes it’s just a personality trait, but I think from personal experience Its developed as a coping mechanism to show you’re in control of at least something.