#25 Jake Stringer


You are a massive flog. I was referring to last year he gained weight from his bulldogs days and the written reports this year that he hadn’t trimmed down or improved his fitness. That’s the first photo I’ve seen of him this pre season so looks to have trimmed down from last year which is good and what you would expect if trying to increase cardio fitness.


You kept saying “does” - present tense. And never mentioned 2017.

Apology accepted.


I am Stringer. No, l am Stringer. I am Stringer. And so am l, etc.


This is your James hird dressed up as Ozzie Osborne moment.


And I’m Stringer’s wife!



… are there photos of this?




What made that was the “look again” for about 3 pages after it was pointed out.


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Stole Stringer-Guelfi kerfuffle to start today’s training thread.


As there has been a little discussion around Stringer and his performance I thought I would compare his career against our budding young superstar considering they are of the same age and draft year.

I am a huge fan of both players but I was a little surprised to see that Jake has arguably got the chocolates to this stage of their careers. Slightly different players though of course.

Glad we have both players.


Not sure that’s the case. I’d call it pretty much dead square myself, all tolled.


It’s pretty close I would say.

Stringer has a flag so ultimately history will hold him in higher regard even though it is a team award and not an individual accomplishment.


And, without wanting to state the obvious, played in a much better team/system than JoeDan has had the opportunity to. Both guns, one temporarily holstered, the other still getting used to a new slinger.


Personally I rate Stringers best individual year higher because it came in a flag year.

He was incredible that year and Dogs would not have won it without him.


didnt he get dropped that year?


Not comparable. Totally different players. That’s like comparing Saad and Gleeson. Play in the same part of the ground, have the same general aims, but use different methods of achieving them.


Yeah, my memory is fading already.

He was indeed dropped.


He was good the year before he won the flag


He was good in the flag year too.