#27 Mason Redman - till end 2028

Redman - captain
Method man - vice captain


Not sure but the “Biltz Groupthink” has made better decisions than the club has over the years


I am not worried about our public image, given that many of the public consider EFC a bunch of drug cheats. Public image be damned.


I’ll take Redman or anyone else as Captain over the ever lasting heir presumptive Merrett.

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Agree. The sum of all fears on Blitz, when we actually thought Francis would become a champion player was that “he will go home to Adelaide”.

  1. Redmans home is no more Adelaide than Aaron Francis’s home is Adelaide.
  2. We all thought Judas was going “home”! what other clubs did he cycle through?
  3. Aaron Francis went to Sydney.
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Some people do, just like how you think adults shouldn’t wear a guernsey to games.

Imagine not wanting someone captain because they might not sound as refined as others.

Imagine not wanting someone to wear a guernsey because they might not look as refined as others.

Got nothing to do with being refined.

Thursday media conference with groovy 2023 team polo

Said he’ll put his hand up to be capatin if it became availbe

Would have no issues Redman as captain the more i see him speak and hear how he goes at traning the more i want him as captain wont be affraid to pull up a team mate if they arent doing their job during a matcn


He’s almost the logical choice

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Dys said he would be happy to stand down if he was asked

Hope Brad makes it happen

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We are asking


They won’t do it. But he’s exactly who we need as captain. We need a polar opposite of the she’ll be right mate era hand on shoulder of Heppell. He expects standards, drives standards, vocal, puts his body on the line. If he carries his form from last year into this one he will make the AA squad at a bare minimum and win the Crichton. It will be Merrett & McGrath as vice.


Let Zac be skipper and Red Dog vc for the next 2 years is my thinking. Zerrett will top 200 games this season and is ready… Redman behind barking out the orders and getting all in line is the perfect foil for Zach to just concentrate on his footy, driving standards and leading the team upwards in his quiet way.

Come 2025 or 2026 … Redman is our top man. But just not yet.


Wasn’t that long ago he was a marginal player, solid in the VFL and a bit flaky in the AFL. Now we’re talking about him as a potential captain. Credit to him.


Kind of reminds me of the phillipou blitz bandwagon…. Gained traction when in reality it was always gonna be tsastas like it’s always gonna be Merrett for captain


Didn’t Redman also say that Heppell was still the best leader they have at the club?

  1. Has repainted his home’s white picket fence. Which is either long-term pride in his home, or preparing to sell.