2x tickets for sale lvl1 for ESS v CARL

Im not in the country at the moment so my membership seats are going to go to waste.

I went to put the tickets up for resale but was told by the membership team that they dont do that anymore.

So im selling these on Facebook for 50 but for blitz members ill do it for 40 for both tickets. Tickets can be digitally transferred to your email. PM me if youre interested

Hey mate. Have you done that before for an MCG game? I tried to do it earlier in the year and I lost my access to the tickets and the guy I transferred them to received the email but it wouldn’t let him access them. The club said it was due to them using Ticketmaster and the MCG being Ticketek. It didn’t help us at all because nobody got to attend the game. So be careful.

You can probably defeat that loophole by printing, scanning, emailing the scanned copy. At least in theory.

Jesus, sounds like.they dont make it easy. Ill have to suss the issues out