#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish


Wasted in the VFL or HFF.

Get him in and play him perminantly in the midfield.


How many games has he missed prior to coming through the reserves? This was his second game back was it?


First game.
Hand injury meant he could not only keep his fitness base but, according to Crowe, improve it.

Puts him in a different category to leg, foot, knee, groin, even shoulder injury returnees.


With some modifications, he could have kept his upper body conditioning up as well.


Parish will be a replacement for Myers…we will get a glimpse of the Midfield of the future this week against the Suns.

Langford, Parish, McGrath, Long, Zerrett, Smith, Heppell, Guelfi


Lol Long.


Gonna finish this post.

If he gets tired let him rest on the bench.


Great game back.

24 possessions, lead the team for both clearances and score involvements

Kicking looked way tidier too

Oh but hes ceiling is only a B grader


Some good stoppage work in the second half.


Nice game.


Very good return. Thought he and Langford the biggest positives out of tonight. Critical players for us to develop into a top team in the coming years…


Great game. Hunted all night. Is only going to get better. F*ck all you haters, probably the same ones that kept giving langers slack too


1st half scratchy 2nd half much better. Good return


v good return

26 possies at 80% DE, team high 8 clearances, 14 cp


Lifted after a sluggish first half


Did you know a B+ player can win it for you on the grandest stage of them all?


The VFL :stuck_out_tongue:


Can midfield.

Welcome back


I’m happy he didn’t kick it 5 times to 20 handballs as he usually does. He was pretty good tonight, hopefully finds form in the last few months of the year to get something from the year.


You edited your post?