#3 Darcy Parish - signed to 2027

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first post, see you in 10k when he’s a 2x brownlow winner


He and perkins both know how to make space for themselves in traffic with a little drop off the shoulder or half feint of a handball. Parish likes to then step into that pocket and change angles, Perkins likes to explode. They compliment each other well.


If you take round one and two out parish’s numbers are near the best of any midfielder in the comp

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*for Geelong.

Yeah, I feel our midfield has more of the pieces already than we give it credit for.

I’m actually excited to see how well Shiel goes complementing this midfield, rather than trying to lead it.


Out of curiosity if you take out the 2 worst performances of the 10 best mids do they hey a rise?

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We’re pretty familiar with the whole “leaving out the bits we don’t need” idea.

For balance, you drop the best and the worst.

He played forward pocket those two games.

Its a big different.


What I’m liking about DP3 is the quality of his clearances. We’ve had a few mids over the years who have had good clearance numbers, but a lot of those clearances have been quick kicks around the corner. Darcy reads the ball so well off the rucks’ hands, can find space and release players into space with clever hands.

Our midfield setup now is ideal for Darcy to ply his trade. We have Merrett getting a tag, McGrath doing work on the defensive side of the contest and Darcy at the rucks’ feet winning clearances.

Will be interesting if the defensive focus switches from Zac to Darcy. I’m not sure it will, because clearance work can be difficult to negate, but it could work in our favour. An unchecked Merrett would run riot.


Top 5 on the Brownlow predictor. I heard they have already started engraving his name.


Sure, but my point is he wasn’t playing full time mid in those first two games, he was second rotation splitting his game time forward mid.

Going forward parish’s quiet games will be 25 possession games instead of 15 possession game


Absolutely ripping it up… going to help Merrett and McGrath too if he keeps this pace… hopefully teams will stop targetting merrett if Parish is dominating.

More than confident he can maintain this level. Imagine that he and Clug could/should have been in the same midfield… boy oh boy wowee

Was he going to be traded to Brisbane?

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Perkins will no doubt be exploding a lot into the future, he isn’t already.


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Why do people keeping saying this?

He was my pick preseason to win the BNF. Looks like I might actually get a big prediction right for once

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Why didn’t we draft McCluggage and Oliver instead of Darcy **grumble **grumble

**grumble **grumble SACK DODORO

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Parish, Perkins, McGrath, Merrett, Shiel and Caldwell have the makings of a very solid midfield group.

Plenty of hungry hands for Draper to feed.


Valid question.