#30 B. Zerk-Thatcher - Silvagni minus the cheating


No your right, never bag an Essendon player, past or present.

Just responding to the negative post on Sean.


Sounds good.

Also sounds like the way we’d have described Hooker early.

If he ends up anywhere near either of those then this will turn out a great choice!!


As soon as any cat ive owned hits the ground, it goes to ■■■■■■ sleep. Maybe I’m training them wrong.




Wow the shermintor responded to someone without being totally on the attack. 100% silly season.


You interpreted it as negative…as you interpret everyone’s responses as negative or stupid. Underdeveloped and skinny KPD. HOW’s that negative?

I thought I could be grumpy but you out-grumpy me every day of the week.


Seems arrogant


Needs to eat a cow. Not all of it. Could use the hide for clothing or furniture.


BZ-T named in the bests in every final he played in the SAMFL reserves. Not a bad trait for a very underweight kid.


He’s legit my new favourite poster.


Yeah…you can grump it up pretty well too…sometimes in spectacular fashion.


Yeah, but I’m actually quite cuddly the rest of the time.
Plus I’m so smart and good-looking.


The last time i heard that was when we drafted Ozario




Ozario Fintasa. The same year we picked up Shaun McKnernan in the rookie draft.


I think you mean Shaun McNernan


Theres another one???


There can be only one.


Fletch weighed 2 pound when he started


And it was prior to metrication too!