#30 B. Zerk-Thatcher - Silvagni minus the cheating


Didn’t see the game yesterday but went along to the practice match against the bulldogs the week before and he was great. Don’t really have much else to add, just wanted to get my ticket on the train.


Berserker was good yesterday, although not quite as good as the week before I thought.

Got caught holding on to the ball a couple times early running it out of defence. Not a big issue though as he had no runners overlapping and he didn’t want to lay it on the boot.

Took a lot of great marks though and makes far better decisions than he is entitled to for someone so inexperienced.

I think personally he will go past Ridley pretty fast due to his superior ability to put body on his opponents in marking contests while still getting his hands on the ball.

Berzerk has a very well rounded skill set.


Huh, I wondered what a few of you weirdos were on about his performance at the Footscray game… ‘cause yesterday was a thousand times better.

(Albeit lesser competition)


I think your last line summed it up.

I didn’t think the defenders had to do much yesterday.

He looks a real talent.


@scorch is driving the bezerker hype train I reckon. I’m on board.


Reckon he will get his chance within a couple of months.


Will he better than Rance?


Didn’t we get his coach to play him as a forward last year? Cunning move to make him play in a position he’s not experienced at, then draft him on the cheap.




Anyone see him in the VFL? I was super impressed with him last week. Has all the traits. Ranceesque in his approach. Needs weight but has loads of natural talent. I look for a point of difference with new players coming in and what impressed me was his cat like reflexes on the deck where I saw him on his knees tackling and competing like a mid, whilst showing that uncanny ability to go back with the ball and to get a spoil in or to play in front and block the angles like Rance or a Hurley.


His draft highlights package shows him playing as a defender.


You’re right. Not sure where I got that story from. Definitely remember something about the bombers giving the coach a request on his position.




Has got to be an upgrade on Mitch Brown


that’s right booty work
move your ■■■ go beZERK


You are correct. Early in the season he was playing as a ruck/forward and according to one of the Sturt officials one of our recruiters spoke to them about trialing him in defence where he had a real solid season. I’m ledto believe we remained in regular contact with Sturt


Stats show he had three marks against Franga, yet some are talking up his intercept marking. Are the stats right?


Blitz posts are like real estate ads. You have to account for the expected embellishment both good and bad.


Didn’t see the game but given the score (and it being 84-1 in the 2nd half) that wouldn’t surprise me.
I think a lot of the talk of his intercept marking was based on the bulldogs game the week before where the ball was coming in quite a lot, with decent entry too. His ability to read the play and get to the right positions to cut it off, along with his actual marking ability itself, was top notch.


Kid’s a gun.

Feel bad about us inevitably ruining his career.