#32 Travis Colyer


Played like he did in his last VFL game, only without the flashy goal to remind people that he was out there.


I don’t like how notoriously slow to acclimatise players get free walks into the team after an injury.

brendon ■■■■■■■ goddard said on the radio week before last that colyer wanted a few vfl games to gain trust in his body.

straight up walk… wtf


Exactly, mate. The dude has struggled with ground balls his whole life - if anyone needed a few FULL games in the VFL to get his touch back, it was Trav.

Loves the mirror weights but doesn’t use any of that strength to actually chase and tackle someone, with just the one tackle last week as well.


Was not good at all today.


Should not be considered as part of Essendon’s future






I try to reserve judgment on the small forward type.

In the end it was a low scoring type game and never suits a player like Trav.

I doubt if Green would have given us much more to be honest.

Trav stays.


Shadow of former self

Love trav but VFL time now


Paper’s stamped, goodbye and see ya later. His disposal by foot is ordinary, was rushed way too quick back into the senior side. A mile off the pace.


If Green had played Colyer’s game, can you imagine the vitriol?
Trav was pathetic, after being pretty much invisible last week too.
I’d take 9 disposals if he matched them with 9 tackles, but no… And don’t get me started on his myth of pace. He was paddling at times today and showed no signs of being able to close.
What is he adding again?


@Dell WTF?


He’s not very good is he?




At the ground I was particularly disappointed by his defensive efforts. On a bad day you can still use your pace to shut down players and work hard defensively.


Perhaps he is not fit because he didn’t come back through the VFL?


Agree. Devon is everything Colyer should be, but isn’t…


Except he did…


We got away with it last week as we won, but today showed Colyer is way off the pace at this point in time. Some dominant displays in the VFL should be a pre-requisite to come back after a long injury lay-off. As to who would have been better today - good question but you just don’t know. What we do know is Travis needs to find good form in the VFL


Not up to it. Not even worthy of a list cloggers position.