#32 Travis Colyer


Took a few short steps today when approaching a few 50/50 balls. Didn’t do nearly enough today with or without the ball


Trade please.

Late second rounder thanks.


Why was he rushed back into the side? His form prior to his injury LAST YEAR was ordinary yet he plays 2 ordinary games in the VFL and he’s straight in. I JUST DON’T GET IT.


Colyer kinda sums up everything wrong with our selection imho. Yet another ‘senior’ player that gets rushed back in without getting proper conditioning at VFL level and then spuds it up.

Not to mention he has never got close to getting back to the form his showed for his one and only purple patch that was three years ago.

Looks dodgy over the ball, his disposal has always been suspect and lacks defensive pressure.

I don’t think he is a list clogger… I think he is probably best 22 when/if finds form but why not make him find that form FIRST before bringing him in. Very frustrating.




WTF was he doing in the first to allow Sidebottom that goal? How hard is it to just man the mark?


Dreaming. 4th rounder is the best we’d get


Same will happen with Zaka. Will have to endure three bad games in a row.


Just caught up on the last two games worth of posts. Lucky I didn’t post last week as I’d be flamed to eternity.

Fast becoming the new Myers. Has the potential to become a third member of the McKenna Saad Duo by really running the ball but he only ever gets it in close and as such he’s simply doing a poor impersonation of Green. Was sexy to say the opposite last week but as a forward would have Green in over him every day of the week. Easy.

Need to move on


That was incredibly annoying as they still hadn’t scored.
There is no way that Sidebottom can go the journey from 55 out, but he is a clever player with a handy sidestep.
Why wasn’t Trav thinking about the best way to man that mark ?..fk

Unfortunately, we made a number of errors like this throughout the day that prevented us from ever pinching a break.


This is what i was saying last week, for a guy of that build he seems very weak in the contest.


Short arms?
Would also explain his trouble picking up the ball.


Doesn’t appear nearly as fast as he used to be. Disappointing. Can’t excuse his fumbles and clanger kicks, if he no longer brings the game breaking pace. Needs to defend better also.


He is lucky we have a few forced changes this week.


Roll out the cannon




He’s like a party for vegetarians.



He has added a new dimension to his game.

He always had the fumbles and poor decision making but seems to have worked on his “I’m going to get tackled and not even attempt to dispose of the ball” game.

ps he’s not that quick anymore.


Say it man, don’t fiddle around the edges.


We won’t know any of that until he has a few more games under his belt.
But your opening line would suggest you are just prosecuting an agenda anyway.