#32 Travis Colyer


He should have been finding those few extra games finding touch in the VFL. I don’t think he’s anywhere near talented enough to be brought in with one full game behind him after such a long layoff.


Don’t disagree with you.


Just not finding the footy. No impact.

You can’t have a HFF/winger getting 9 possesions. And if he in the team for pace and pressure, 1 tackle ain’t cutting it either.

Somehow though he had more than that in the last quarter versus Roos.

If Raz is fit and hope so it’s outski for Colyer


Should be given the rest of the year to show if he has value, if not then trade/delist. Guys 24+ should be automatic best 22 (and ideally rated middle or better against the league average) when fit or not on the list. We have carried fringe players who would be at or near the bottom for their positions for far too long.


Just give him a couple of weeks. He will be much much better and back to his blistering pace taking the game on.


You have a unique view of list management.
Totally at odds with that espoused by Richmond, Footscray, Hawthorn, etc in their Premiership years.
But hey, what would they know?
Carlton is clearly a much better example to follow.

Delist everyone over 23 who’s not above “league average” whatever the ■■■■ that is.


Really struggle to see what he offers the team. Yeah, he’s a line breaker at his best BUT it’s been so long since he took the game on and offered real value. He’s had a lot of chances over the journey and has failed to deliver some semblance of consistency. Reckon it’s time to move on from the footballer and give the next wave a chance to show what they’ve got. The kids couldn’t play any worse.


Ive said it a few times his play on the wing where he slapped the ball blindly back i to play was the turning point in momentum for me.

All else aside that bit of play was opposite to what the general gist of the way they want to play.

He should be dropped for that alone, if stewart can get dropped for not sticking to the way they want to play , so can he


But Stewart wasn’t dropped for that. He was dropped for technical deficiencies in his game that need to be rectified. Not even close to similar.


You mean his goal kicking deficiencies ?
If so why wasnt daniher dropped for similar issues ?
Or other players who suffer different technical difficulties ?

And if it was such a problem , why did it take over a year for him to be dropped ?


Agree this was pretty dumb it was right in front of me. Showed a complete lack of understanding of the game and what i’m sure the coaches would have expected in that situation to put the ball out and re-set in our forward half and trap it in there.


Not even Fark Carlton would want him.


Who are the similar players at those clubs? Who are the fringe players they’ve held onto for 9 years who even when they play are in the bottom few performers? Colyer has never even been in our top 10 B&F. Name the premiership players who fit that bill? I stated they had to be middle or better meaning that for their role/position they needed to be at least regarded as decent against their peers, even if its mainly within the club (guys who do thier role every week) I don’t believe you could find an area where Colyer would rate in that band. As a mid his disposals would be near the bottom or as a small forward his goals, inside 50’s & things like pressure & tackles would be ranked below average for his age group.

Lets start with Richmond because I believe its actually the moving on from those types of plodders that turned Richmond around. Who from their premiership side do you believe compares to Colyer? I’d rate Miles as a far better performer who has multiple top 10 B&F finishes yet can’t get a game for them & didn’t play in the finals. I would be shocked if he’s still on their list next year & even then he has only been on their list 5 years.

Bulldogs had 13 players under 24 in their premiership side so who of the guys around Colyer’s age do you think compare? Jordan Roughead is the only one I think comes close as far as longevity on the list but not exactly a star performer. Even then he has Colyer well covered for games & has better B&F results. I think it would be fair to say Roughead was at least a middle to good key defender for multiple years who wasn’t a fringe player.

Hawthorn - again I’m not seeing hanging onto fringe players for 9 years as a part of their success. Maybe a guy like Durea you could say was similar as far as not being above average as a performer but you couldn’t really make the case he’s been fringe. 15 games last year is the least he’s played since 2013. Billy Hartung is a guy I would have put as similar to Colyer but they delisted him last year.

Hanging on to players for too long has been a hallmark of our list management and it’s not been successful.


Nothing to do with goal kicking.
Like I said, technical deficiencies in his game.


I agree with your approach on this JBomber.
Colyer and Myers are the perfect examples. I really think the Saga stuffed things in relation to them in multiple ways.
Maybe we would have been happier to let them go around 2013/2014 when Melbourne were sniffing if we were more confident of getting other decent players in around that time and not wanting to be so loyal.
Maybe they would have improved if they didn’t have the 2016 break.
Maybe we wouldn’t have offered them contracts till next year f it wasn’t for the Saga.

Who knows those answers… but I really hope the club starts to take an approach like you’ve suggested going forward.

This offseason will be interesting.


They already have, it’s why players like Stanton and Howlett and Hocking and even Watson are not on the list.

Don’t fall for JBomber’s crap.


A quick list of some blokes who don’t meet your criteria
Hawthorn - Schoenmakers & Spangler
Footscray- Dixon
Richmond- Lloyd & Hampson

That’s not counting all the blokes retained as depth on either list.
You want to delist Colyer - fine - your opinion
Delist everyone over 23 - which is what you claim to want to do - who’s not an above average player ( on CD’s highly suspect rating system) indicates either you’re new to this footy thing, or you just like bright shiny playthings.


Give him a couple more weeks. His best is damaging and it would be great for us if he can find it again.


The ONLY thing I can remember that he did well was the immediate play on and quick handball to Long after the sublime Zerrett kick (start of the last qtr).

Everything else he fluffed up…
Over running balls, missing tackles, getting caught HTB 30 out, the kick to Tippa outnumbered on the boundary, keeping the ball in play.

Just a poor, poor game.


Reckon it would be a good message to players if Colyer gets dropped for his poor performance even with Essendon down on numbers. If Worsfold wants to benchmark standards and strive for consistency/greatness Colyer should be playing VFL this weekend.