#33 Brayden Ham


’So who are you going to send this questionnaire to, anyway?'
’Oh, lots of places. It’ll even be on bomberblitz!'


excellent kicking action


Yeah totally.

Pick 70+ is obviously unlikely to be a super talent who’s ready to go round 1.

Hopefully he’s got the talent, and we just need to beef (ha, pun not intended) him up.




You should have run with ‘make him porkier’.



8 days.

They do say timing is everything.


Maybe “The TACK HAMMER” is more appropriate




I reckon Ham will be a ■■■■■■ good get. Looks very silky and composed from what I’ve seen at training, excited to see him don the sash tomorrow.


Not only that but he is an over-ager.


You’re an odd fellow Brayden, but you steam a good Ham! Good luck tonight son!


Can’t wait to see this kid in action.


I saw him at Beaconsfield, but he was wearing 3 so I thought he was a vfl player and paid no attention to him.


I think he will be a 100 game player for us. Great skills and good decion maker.


Unfortunately came on too late but showed something so i reckon he could be anything


Needs at least 15kgs before he will be something. We are small enough as it is without playing dudes who weigh 55kgs


Laid that tackle like a pro. i like this kid alot


With some fava beans and a nice Cianti


Has a bit of the Zach Merretts about him. Busy player.