#33 Brayden Ham


I thought this too. Could be something


I don’t think that Parish has the tools to play the position.

Prefer to give Lav & Begley a go.
Why not Mynott?


Looks to be a player down the track.

I think VFL watchers will love him this year.

Will never die wondering.


I love this kid
just what we need - a real goer


He reminds me a bit of Jerrett and Colyer, but I like him a lot which is confusing


Coyler at least had one very good year


I think it was actually 2 very good half year’s


Hams has clean hands, neat disposal and a small turning circle, Jerrett traits, but I think he will have Colyer like impact on games; I think he will fill out (eventually) and hopefully that’ll give him some genuine confidence in his ability.


Nice little side step. The repeat efforts were noticeable. Potential to be a handy player down the track.


Will have been up all night wondering how he missed that goal.

Promising start. Loved the enthusiasm.


I don’t think we will see him play senior footy this year, that was his taste and he certainly showed some signs that he will be a player.

I really liked his confidence which is something he never lacked last year but he did lack that aggression but he certainly didn’t shirk the issue in the small time he had which is really promising


Could be anything.


Is that what you heard up there?


He reminds me of Hams.
but with speed


He has a singular resemblance to him, in any case.


Smooth mover, and a bit of attitude. Plenty to work with. Just has to find another 15kg or so. Looks ok.


In my experience he should be able to find 15kg in about 7 weeks. May need to be more specific.


[quote=“Reboot, post:218, topic:14544, full:true”] Just has to find another 15kg or so.

Saad will give him some hints on that.


That seems to be a common theme but I think he has a Raz vibe about him. Does he really need to be much bigger? Sometimes small and nimble has an advantage. Sure he’s got opportunity to improve his fitness and strength but I wouldn’t like to see him lose his nippy pace and natural lightness on his feet.


The club seem to have him pegged for hbf-type (or at least they said) but when I see him, I see a dangerous small forward.