#33 Brayden Ham


No, not against the Pies. Harder bodies needed, Smith and Zaka come straight back in after being rested. Guelfi stays in after his excellent game, and could replace Baguley after what he showed in the forward line yesterday to set up the goal for Stringer.


A great debut. It’d be a shame if he missed out, but it’s hard to see him remaining in the side with Smith and Zaka (who’d have thought?) ready to come back.


No, but you could drop Bags and keep him in.


So you drop Bags and bring in both Smith and Zaka?


So Sideshow is getting paid by mileage rather than results?
The Ansett spirit lives on at Norf


Could do: Guelfi and Bags out, Zaha and Smith in.


As good a first game as Ham had, I’d be disapointed if they choose him over Guefli. Thought Guelfi was excellent.


It’s more about the potential. What Ham’s game showed, was that with a bit more AFL-level exposure, he could be ■■■■■■■ awesome. I.e., even better than Guelfi yesterday. There’s plenty of room for his improvement. Not sure Guelfi could do much more than he did, other than do it consistently. I think there’s a case for both staying in, and either will be stiff to get dropped, but sure it’s much more likely it will be Ham.


I’m not having a go at him, just giving an honest appraisal. Most first gamers aren’t up with the pace of AFL footy.


Hang on, so you made a second account and couldn’t even spell your own username correctly?:joy:


He did alright for his first game. Certainly showed he has some good tools and wasn’t afraid to have a crack. He will learn a heap out of the game for when his next opportunity comes up.

He did better than Baguely.




My biggest concern is that we have so many small players already.
Either skinny small, or short, we have
and going forward a bit, potentially Mo22ie
Ham would be the 8th undersized player in the team, making us vulnerable in tight hard contests and in the air in general play.


That’s our strength.
All those guys cover the ground fast and. An run all day.


Yes, but get smashed in tackles. ( especially the skinny ones!)


Concerned, not all.

They are all fabulous players in their own right. They win the ball on their own merits, all have pace and skills to boot.

Ham yesterday proved again size doesn’t matter. Their lack of height is not affecting the team.
There are only 3 genuine tall mids in the comp, Fyfe, Cripps and Bontempelli. These types of players are obviously few and far between.

I’ve been waiting all year for the cheer squad to bring out the Mosquito Fleet banners , hopefully before the commentators pick up on it.


Well Ham maybe but the other guys have been around a long time and it’s not like they are going to be used at stoppages to dig the ball out.

We just rotate them through and wear them out.


Agree they’ve been sensational. Hope they can turn it on against the Pies.


Andrew Gaff


Impressive kid. Light physique will struggle across his debut season, expect him to be dropped this week and maybe get a few more games but his time is next year and beyond. Liked what I saw.