#33 Brayden Ham


That’s why, when we play Richmond, we should play Long on Short.


What we need is a rugby player to show our players how to tackle properly. Betcha Bills Slater is doing it at St.Kilda. Come on we are mixing many codes within AFL including a change of languabe and description of the game, this is just another. Inglis has just retired.


You don’t need an Inglis or a Slater. Any of the league lads would be able to teach tackling technique.

It’s a fundamental part of that game, and if you aren’t reliable at it, then you aren’t playing.

It would not be a difficult or expensive addition to our training regime.

Mind you, the 360 degree nature of our game does require some nuances.


Isn’t that what we are paying Rutten for?


David King’s line to J Worsfold about selecting Ham on Good Friday being a bit of a risk was pretty funny.


His dads name is Sam.

Sam Ham.

let that sink in.


A splendid name.

Thankyou for bringing it to our attention.


Braydens grandparents must have been Dr Seuss fans


Good ole Sam “Green Eggs” Ham


Firstly, who’s having a go?

Secondly, Fantasia was not the player we know at round 5 of his first season.


Brayden Ham vs The Tin Rattlers


Few fluffs, few gems,.good endeavor and decent debut.


I bet he loves being introduced to people

“I am Sam, Sam Ham, Sam I am”


Scott Thompson is an unlikeable footballer, the way he was trying to get Ham’s mark reversed.


Yeah nah - it was awesome, Bacon, awesome.


Kids a footballer. I like him a lot.


Would rather keep this kid in than Zaharakis. Love his defensive efforts, has a good set of hands, can run all day and always presents around the ball. Imagine this kid after a few more games


What was noticeable was that his team mates didn’t hesitate to pass it to him. He must have impressed them on the training track to give them that confidence to trust him.


You’re too good to us @CharlieDons


Was it 7 lefties on Friday? Can’t remember us having this many before.