"Bombers NT", NITV 9:30pm Wednesday 28/8

Just a heads up that there'll be some EFC positivity on the telly tomorrow night:


Essendon took six players to visit the remote communities of Tiwi and Wadeye last year. The club has a proud history supporting indigenous Australia and this trip was part of their ongoing commitment.


Seems the doco was first aired last year. I didn't see it but maybe others can let us know if it's any good. At any rate, should be a nice change.

I saw it a few months back.


I enjoyed it and seeing some of the little kids faces was a pleasure. .

Some of those kids could fkg play.


What about playing kick to kick, some little kid maybe of 14 or 15 years of age, skinny as a rake, takes one step, leaps clean onto Steinberg (or someone's) shoulder, RIGHT up there and just takes a one handed mark by his side, drops straight back to his feet and laughs at the camera.

Yep, some of them could play, very, very well.


For me, as I said, it was the looks on their faces, just very happy, to be part of it and show their skills, and their skills were certainly good.

I don't recall seeing this so thanks for the heads up,

No worries SC.


And thanks for the 'reviews', Peeto/miss ellie - sounds like a good watch.