#37 Alwyn (previously known as Dylan Clarke)


Clarke and Ridley, hell yes!




So, Ridley in for Hurley and Clarke for Mutch. That’s how adventurous the selection committee will get. McNiece, for a midfielder, should be dropped as well but there’s little confidence that will happen. Parish should stay. He’s the future. Here’s hoping selection sends a powerful message of intent.


McKenna might be able to play as a mid now, but would need to actually train with the midfield group over a pre-season to learn stoppage craft. As to general field play, sure, he is fine at that as it would be part of the press drills they have been doing for some time.


True, but I think he needs a week off.




I wouldn’t be waiting for him to do a preseason with the mids now that the season is pretty much cooked.

Clarke and Langford do the clearance work and McKenna is the first receiver.

One thing that McKenna is excellent at that pretty much nobody else on our list is, is the ability to provide that overlap and know when to hit the shoulder of a teammate to receive the handball.

He is obviously very quick and operates in a phonebox and I don’t doubt that he could pick it up very fast.


Myers still gets clearances - he hasn’t been horrible, just not the future. Keep him there supporting Clarke and maybe Lang - having Myers and Lang resting forward means they can carry all three.


Best news since Monday!


I’d drop Myers and go full on next gen. Alternate Stringer and Langford forward and mid.


That makes wayyyy too much sense for it to be considered.


We have enough pinch hitters to share it around.




I figure the season is largely shot, so now it’s play time. Start working on what we want next season and beyond. If we manage to rise up the ladder a bit, then good, things are gelling already. If we don’t, viva la draft pick. Win win for mine.


Just want to also say THIS.



Oh ok then, I’ll go tell Woosh I’ve changed my strategy and tell him to drop Myers… not a great start to new job, I’m chopping and changing already.





Agree Myers just grabs the footy at hoofs it anywhere not careing where it goes. Drop him