#37 Dylan Alwyn Clarke



I don’t think Clarke makes it, he doesn’t have enough weapons and if you are not the elite if the elite inside mids like Cripes then not sure how he gets games over blokes with better skills and speed.

Nick O’Brien mark II for mine.

Myers has some pace.
Just not acceleration or agility.


I bet 10 Nino-credits (currency that oscillates between panic-dollars and lid-off-bonds) that he does make it…

*If his kicking has actually improved

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Tom Mitchell doesn’t have break away pace and can’t kick.

Not saying Clarke can be that good, or there is space for that kind of player in our current team. But that kind of player does have a place in modern footy.


So…he’ll develop into a Myersey-protect-the-kids-type then

Would love to see him get a run on-ball tomorrow night. IIRC, he was played on a HFF in his one senior game last year, which is clearly not his go at all.


IMHO this kid is absolutely necessary to our list. Outside of Myers we really don’t have that inside mid. He has the endurance, size and ball winning ability, we just have to teach the rest.

Otherwise we will have to go find one through the top end of the draft or trading. As Myers is not durable, or young.


thread title, explain it to me.


Tom Mitchell most definitely can kick. His efficiency by foot is better than Dusty/Danger/Fyfe and he averaged more kick per game than those 3 last season.

watch the Cooney Classic video on the EFC site with Zaka and Clarke

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He’s lost his first and last name this season

Disposal effeincy is a pointless stat for players, if it where accurate then Hurley last year was in our top 5 for disposal effeincy last year which was further from the truth when actually watching the games.

In Mitchell’s case he works within his limitations where as Dangerfield and Martin take the riskier kicks. Martin is easily a better kick than Mitchell.

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righto. understood.

alwyn it is.

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I agree Dusty is a better kick of the footy because it’s more damaging. But the fact that Tom Micthell kicks more and more accurately still stands. To say he can’t kick is just wrong.

Yeah he can certainly kick just not at an elite level.

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We’re calling Dylan Froggy now aren’t we?

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i am confusion

i’m not, really.