#37 Dylan Alwyn Clarke


If your using stats to defend Mitchell’s kicking your using them wrong. Teams let him rack up 40 possessions for a reason.


Two pertinent points.
Mitchell’s kicking has improved significantly over the years.
I wish Alwyn could kick as well ( or poorly) as Mitchell.


He won a Brownlow for a reason too. Anyway moving along…


Mostly because the Brownlow is a flawed system of what players make our game great, handy player none the less.


Robert Harvey made a career out of 35m pin point passing. Doesn’t make him a good or bad kick. His kicking was just limited in its scope as a tool.

I see Mitchell as being the same, good at one type of kick and stays within that. Martin in the other hand is an exceptional kick because he has so much scope to use including a small and long kicking potential, powerful flat or soft chip kick and everything in between.

There is no reason clarke can’t get really good at one type of kick and dine out on that for the rest of his career.


No one gets regularly gets around 40 possessions and is routinely the best player of the match, because teams just allow it to happen.


Hawthorn supporters don’t go to games to watch Mitchell, honestly think forwards don’t get the recognition they deserve when it comes to the Brownlow. It really is a midfielders medal we all know the marque midfielders are the ones that hit the scoreboard.


For those who’ve watched Clarke closer, could he be a tagger at senior level?

Assuming Woosha ever decided we needed one, he seems like one on our list who might have the tools to become a reliable run-with player.


Has all the tools to be an effective tagger, super fit and loves the contest and is comeptive.


Far too little game time tonight. But he will get more chances this season.


Played the last 15 minutes in the ones.


What was the point of playing blokes like him and ham for 15 minutes? Makes no sense to me


He played a bit in the practice match beforehand… ditto with Ham… not sure about Draper?


I agree with that.

We looked rusty as fark so why not get more time into the main players.


I think it was more to get more minutes into the more senior guys. i dont think it was a good idea to be honest.


Just a toe in/taste to experience the pace/new role etc… Or just a bit of encouragement/ getting the fire lit.

Happens all the time with young’ns.


Is this guy as good as everyone makes him out to be? Or is he another Nick O’brien, musces margliani, ben howlett etc


surely you give him more than 10 mins to do this


Also,… How long is a piece of string?? :thinking:


They did,. they gave them 15. :smirk: