#37 Dylan Alwyn Clarke


Sure is, only played one game before this season. I believe you need to have played less than 10 games at the start of the season to be eligible


Under 21 (20) and less than 10 games experience before the season started. He’s eligible.


Ive been beating his drum for a while…

Just like Guelfi and Ambrose there are certain players who are genuine footballers and a trained football eye can purely.and simply see it.

Let me put it simply.

They love the contest.

Well done son. Keep it going.


Not sure if you guys understand the rising star rules:

First you have to have a great game and get ignored

Then you have to have another great game and get ignored

Then you have to be just a little above average for a while

Then you have a bit of an average game

AND THEN you get nominated


Oddly enough, I think he’d be an even better matchup for Tom Mitchell, maybe next year.

Hawthorn don’t really have an over reliance on any midfielder to win the ball, so Clarke will probably be given a head2head on Worplesdon.


You forgot the step where BT gives you a nickname


Or you have play for FCFC and the AFL needs something to sell to their supporters.


Laughed when he kicked it back to a defender as the safe option. Defender, not sure who it was butchered it 10m wide of someone on the switch.


Brendon lee, muscles marigliani and Sam lonergan all loved the contest. Doesn’t mean they were great afl footballers.


Lonergan will forever be an Essendon legend for that Carrazzo tackle/smashing


Feels like that game was the last time we genuinely beat Carlton at the g.


Rising star nomination would be a great reward for a great all round performance, arguably our most important player today. So happy to see him get reward for effort and hopefully can cement he’s spot for the near future. Been screaming out for this type of player, who’d have thought we had one in the twos :man_facepalming:


If only @theDJR had said something



I reckon he goes to JOM next. Like Cripps Hawthorn have been struggling a little in recent weeks now that he’s been tagged heavily.


Hurley as usual


*red marks are players with nominations already

Sydney Stack will win the nomination this round. Surprised he hasn’t got one already.

And he even then, the panel will want to see more than just one game. Someone like Jordan Clark might have a better chance right.

Dylan will need to back it up against the Hawks when conditions won’t be as ideal for him.


O’Meara next


He plays for Launceston now and is a blue.

I’m sure I’ve made a point there somewhere


It was a Cameron Ling type performance.