#37 Dylan Clarke - is only “pretty stoked” with 2019 re-signing


I guess there’s a lot going on that is more about development than winning the game. It can make it difficult to judge the difference between effecting the game and playing to the coaches instructions.


Was thinking around following week. whoops…
I am sick of clubs giving Saad corkies and trying to stop his run though.


Jason Johnson mark II hopefully.

I reckon he’ll get his chance after ANZAC Day with a four day break seeing the likes of Myers and Parish getting a rest.


Guelfi is blue collar, boy band looks notwithstanding, had genuine impact at stoppages. Burrowed away and at the very least forced another ball up. It’s boring but it’s vital. Clarke to do the same. Give our classier young blokes more of a chance on the outside




Kicking has improved a lot.
On track.


I liked what I saw today - he’s improved a lot since last year. His kicking is hardly a weapon but it’s at least acceptable now. Deserves a game soon.


Best mate with McGrath, will become a dynamic duo in the middle for the next decade.
Was really impressed with him today.
If guys like him, Guelfi and Langford can do the heavy lifting our outside game will be unstoppable.


31 possessions and 7 tackles.

18 kicks and 13 handballs is good indication that he’s growing in confidence with his kicking as well as recognition that to make it at AFL level you also need to gain territory.

Growing as a player.


There is a lot to like there. Clean up a couple of little things and I think he could have a pretty decent career.


Langford still ahead in your opinion killer mike?


I would say no one is ahead. They are very different players.


Different players.

I personally think they should both be playing seniors.

If you look at the stats they actually have very similar numbers but they do it in different ways. They compliment each other because of that.

Langers is the more damaging and Clarke the terrier.

I love em both.


Apples and oranges it doesn’t matter, they both are looking for that position in the midfield.


I think it’s a stretch to say they should both be playing seniors. Clarke has really only put his hand up in the last 3 weeks, so he’s getting close but shouldn’t have been in any earlier.

Langford I can agree with. He certainly should be getting more opportunity. The thing is, in what role?
As much as people don’t like Myers, Langford isn’t any good at the role they want Myers to play.

If/when Myers gets injured again, Clarke should replace him.

I think Langford is going to have to wait for another mid to get injured or need a rest so he can play a different type of role when he gets picked. Or pick him instead of Begley when Begley needs a spell. But I’d worry about that a bit because I reckon he’d provide less defensive pressure than Begley.


To be fair… that’s this entire year…


He should definitely play the Melbourne game imo.


Clarke was playing like this last year but they were playing him on a flank where he couldn’t get near the ball.

If Bird wasn’t on our list last season then Clarke would have been ready now.

Clarke did a power of work today but he was still running hard in the last. He’s still skinny but I don’t think it bothers him so it shouldn’t bother us😄


Like him. Get him in the for Dees game when we need to bring in some fresh legs.


This guy is force-feeding me humble pie.