#37 Dylan Clarke - is only “pretty stoked” with 2019 re-signing


He would be a chance at the VFL league medal surely?


Have to be.


I sincerely hope he is denied the opportunity to do so.


1 Year is all that was being offered to him. Needs to make his kicking a standard that is acceptable for him to have any future in the AFL.


Is third in the VFL for tackles per game.

Kurt Aylett is fifth at Werribee.


Not much going on in this thread.

One glaring weakness but still lots to work with in my opinion.

Fit, relatively agile, can cover the ground at a reasonable pace, racks up high numbers and tackles his heart out.

Can still play a role.


I’ll say it if no-one else will:
He’s hot.


Donnington please


He’s no Tayte Pears.


Dont think he’ll make it will most likely get delisted or join his brother at North


That’s going to be hard given he’s not there anymore.


I think his brother is now at Sydney.


Can see him being an important player in the middle of winter and on the MCG with his engine. Kicking is the flaw but if he models his game on a cunnnington type he can be a very good inside player. Arguably already one of our best stoppage players.
Would love for him to watch some Cunnington tape and Solomon tape. Could be a nutbag midfield beast in years to come.


I agree.

If you look at most quality inside beasts in the last ten years none have been particularly great kicks. They all just know how to win the ball at stoppages and get it out by hand and run all day.

He doesn’t turn 21 until September so is still very young.

Whether he gets a run with us is yet to be determined but I think he can have a solid AFL career.


I would like to see our future inside midfield as our scruffy hard nut types and have the polish on the outside.
Clarke, Parish, Heppell, Shiel and Stringer getting there knees dirty while giving opposition black eyes from there flying elbows while getting it out to the class of Langford, Merrett and McGrath.


Needs to really destroy the VFL comp.

He isn’t going to force his way in through upside or potential. He is just going to have to grind away and be better than everyone else until they can’t possibly ignore him any more.


Every time I see him play he reminds me of Seb Ross.

Hopefully this year he goes past Myers as that “next-in-line” fringe team-oriented inside midfielder; he’ll have stiff competition from Guelfi, Mutch, Mynott, Begley, Laverde and whoever else I have forgotten.