#37 Nic Martin - all of the extension, pls


Go well son


Great news. Both deserve the spot


Been excellent from what we’ve seen so far

Works hard both ways, gets to good spots to be involved / cut off opposition. Nippy enough pace wise. Neat footy skills on both sides and great overhead. Plus the set shot straight shooter.

As someone else noted bit of Caracella about him


Has terrific positioning. That read when Francis was about to get pinged for holding the ball, got himself over there to get us out and safe.

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Looked like a smooth mover

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Congratulations to both guys well deserved by all accounts and i imagine supporters would be pretty pleased with this.

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Great pre season. Deserve his spot. A lot to like. We’ll done

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Caracella is a good likeness.

he doesn’t waste his disposal usually finds a target with a kick to advantage and can kick a goa.

but the way he floats for marks reminds me of Langford.

he’s probably more agile than Langers due to not having the huge frame yet. moves like a small for a 190cm player.


Congratulations Nick.

What are his skills like??

He’s a very classy player. Couldn’t be happier to give him the last spot.


I’m glad we didn’t pick just the one so we had a MSD slot up our sleeves. We obviously liked both Tex and Martin, so we made the correct call and picked both. Great find by the club’s recruiters!


I can see him playing a fair bit of footy this year as the natural attrition of the season takes place.

Put it this way, I reckon he’s more likely to play than McDonagh who we took before him, in the National Draft.

When previously a guy like Ham would come in as that wing/fwd rotation, I can see Martin potentially getting a go ahead of him.


He looked very comfortable against the dogs, got a fair bit of it and looked composed


In that last quarter, saw him side step a player in the middle of the ground and put a beautifully weighted kick for a running player who didn’t have to break stride.


Loved his disposal. Very happy with this.

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Well earned. Club could easily have only chosen one of him and Tex, but he made it very hard to choose.

He’s no Fejo…

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Nick Martin is a great addition. It maybe 2023-2024 before the real impact is seen, but great to have him now and he will surely play plenty of games this season. Welcome Nick!

This. Thought his decision making was pretty good and he got to the right spots too.

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