#39 Trent Mynott - Welcome To Essendon


Both Lambert and Bewick pretty convinced he has the right stuff.

Craig Lambert‏

So excited for Trent Mynott being picked up in the preseason draft by the Bombers today, you’ve got yourself a ripper there who will find away to make the grade and make it well.


FWIW I’ve got nothing against this kid and good luck to him, I’m sure he wrapped and well done on earning the opportunity.


Darren Bewick is really turning into the new Simon Gosey



But also on board with you that we should be finding a way, regardless of safer bets, to bring more indigenous players onto the list.

We are meant to be at the forefront of it and have dream time game for a reason.

We didn’t need another light bodied inside mid type. We did need more small fwd / pacy winger types of which many a benfti special was.


Questions need to be asked towards the club imo.

We’ve let ourselves down. It’s simply not good enough.

It would be great if someone can ask the question at the members forum.


Serious questions need to be asked, this is beyond circumstance and coincidence.

There is a rat here, I’ve been wispered it since Sheedy left. But my love of the club made me ignore it, but to many signs point that way. First to worst.


Can’t you draft indigenous players as Category B rookies now?
We have two spots on our list as far I can see.


Legitimately considering booking a last minute flight


Welcome to my every year…


Do it




Can someone actually count how many we have on our list? Can we sign NGA talent?


Oh and welcome Trent, sorry your welcome thread was hijacked by those with an axe to grind.


VPM or BENFTI specials?


In Boris we trust.

Welcome Fridge Jr

The kids can call him froju




Good call, we need to take this elsewhere






A Bewick and Lambert endorsement is good enough for me.