#39 Trent Mynott - Welcome To Essendon


My new favourite Woosha moment is post draft when he was asked on BomberTV “as you mentioned, no Victorian players?” when he hadn’t and he politely made it known.



Players drafted from hype thread

2017, 30%

2016 71%

2015 57%

2014: 50% and Shane Yaran got drafted 2 years later or it would have been 65 that year.

2013 55% and one guy who didn’t get drafted did end up on the recruit :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Blitz records don’t go back further enough for me to check back further

But since 2013 draft ive been batting .526 which would make me the best hitter in baseball

Something doesn’t add up

I am not sure you’re talking the same stat, but really who cares, the guys that have ended up making it have been difference makers at a level far above their draft number.

The argument is always that the “system” undervalues these guys, and hence the is a massive opportunity to get value.


Question for TheDon - I see similarities between Mynott and Kavanagh - Lighter framed bodies trying to bring their under 18 characteristics to AFL footy - Is this comparison fair ?


His old man is bordering on legend in the EFL & a terrific football person to boot. This kid is ultra dedicated


And that’s really good to know.

Hopefully he becomes a champion at Essendon.


I’d have thought Kav a fair bit more explosive, theoretically.


I Knew we would get someone from Eastern in the draft.
His highlights look good from clearances and foot skills were good.


I wonder who will Fill Mynott’s position now that he’s left his old club now that the boy is back in town.


Oh you’re just a cowboy


But does he have good character?


He might and he my nott!


You MYNOTT be welcome at Blitz if you keep this up!


He exploded (Creosote-style) in the last quarter of that final, yes.


He will become an Essendon legend any Mynott now.


Would any of them get a game for us in 2018?




Nek Mynott


When i say he was cool i mean red hot - he was steamin’!


It has taken me a full 24 hours to process the fact his name is Trent.

Goooooo Trent.