#43 Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti - WALLA MACCA TIPPA - joining Tiwi Bombers

Just asking a serious question. I am not familiar with the data and where you got it from.

Tippa’s a ■■■■■■ gun. KEEP


I see 24 score involvements with 12 tackles inside 50


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He’s getting better every outing

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Doesn’t even make me angry anymore.

I just feel really sorry for @brady. Sounds like he’s got problems that need fixing way before you offer education or facilitation into how important ■■■■ like this really is.

Sheedy help reinvent this club into a powerhouse for first Aussies but under well meaning but distracted boards it lapsed into an indigenous backwater.

Really distressing to see stuff like that.

Hope you get life back on track man.


Afl website…but this isnt a reflection in Tippa i can see the improvement each game…although its small steps, but we have Davey and Menzie not giving us scoreboard pressure right now. Stringer is too inconsistent. Can we beat the teams around us, yeah sure. Can we push the top sides? I dont think so

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Through this, Blitz brought a smile to my face this morning.

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So back to Walla…

I know he’s got a way to go, but on Saturday night he had season high score involvements, pressure acts, tackles and, importantly, tackles inside F50. He’s cummin’ to getcha…

Round Opponent Fanstasy Disp Scores Score
Tackles Tackles
in F50
Time on
1 Hawthorn 27 4 1.1 3 0 0 4 21%
7 Geelong Cats 41 6 1.1 5 2 1 4 67%
8 Port Adelaide 61 13 1.0 4 4 1 13 77%
9 Brisbane Lions 30 8 1.0 3 1 0 8 69%
10 Richmond 50 9 0.1 6 6 6 17 72%

50+ new posts, I thought he’d retired again. Nope, just garbage.


I don’t recall seeing Tippa give away multiple frees for holding etc in contests.

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It’s the strangest thing seeing him bereft of confidence in front of goal.


The clubs doing him, and themselves a disservice picking him in the seniors in this condition


Atrocious tonight.

I love him. But he can’t play next week.


He’s not fit enough. He can’t pick the ball up off the deck, he’s too slow, he fumbled constantly and now he can’t even kick regulation goals. Back to the VFL.


Not his best.
Better than the guy wanting to take his spot.

Unless Davey is ready to come back.

Yep, liability tonight.

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He could have had 3-4 goals, but panicked with each one. Needs to get mojo back in VFL.

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Devoid of confidence it seems

The Walla of old is not there. Would hardly miss a kick, would never fumble

Well off it tonight

Fitness wasn’t the issue, it’s composure & executio


Persist with him, the fitter he gets the more he will return to the Walla we know with ball in hand