#43 Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti - WALLA MACCA TIPPA - till 2022

No contract yet… wonder why.

Should we be getting concerned?

Cos he’s playing like a busted ■■■■?

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You’d like to think not but it is round 17 and we likely only have 6 more games to play. We do have quite a few unsigned players right now.

The club already lost a generation of young supporters because of the drugs saga, they’ll lose another if they let this guy go.

Kids absolutely love him, comfortably the most marketable player at Essendon.


I doubt there are a heap of other clubs ready to pick him up and offer him huge money. He’ll sign

Needs to lose weight

And get a sensible haircut, … right?? :smirk:

Although I linked the article, there are several shortfalls of the article. As pointed out, the stats mean nothing without a reference as to where they were kicked from. Baguley features as an accurate kick, and I have noticed his goal kicking seems to be much better since the last preseason, but he does tend to place himself over the back often, so he is either in the goal square, or running into an open goal. This is neither good or bad. It means he doesn’t get many kicks per game, but they’re accurate when he does. But it’s also part of his team strategy. It stretches the defenders out if we also have a leading forward.

The sample size is way to small to mean too much. I’m certain Laverde’s percentage will increase, and McKernan’s has been increasing the last few weeks. Brown couldn’t miss last year, but he’s been struggling so far this year. Most of these will even up over time I suspect.

However, what I do take out of it is Walla is (to use one of the players’ favourite words) a “super” goal kicker. I don’t remember many of his kicks being “cheap” ones. He’s as likely to kick it from 50 out as from the pocket. His accuracy would probably be even higher if he was paid the free kicks for high contact when the defenders almost take his head off, which seems to happen pretty much every game, and often right in front of the goal. At the other end of the spectrum, Shiel could add so much more to our team if he took a little pace off before he kicks. Sure, he’ll get run down occasionally if he does that, but the extra goals he gets would be worth the occasional turnover in our forward 50.

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STK is probably offering half a mill to every uncontracted Essendon player :grimacing:

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They haven’t exactly had a lot of luck with our players…

Baguley used to do as much goal-kicking practice as anyone in our team when he was a defender.



Best game he has played, better than his 7 goals against Brisbane




Australians: we must declare independence, so that Tippa may be crowned as our king.


What a game!!
Thanks Walla



He makes me want to be a better person


10 years



Who else in the game kicks that?

I would say no one else in the league nails that.

Incredible performance.


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