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Lav is a horrendous shot on goal. I’m genuinely shocked if he kicks it.


Wow what a telling article.

I would be using this document as part of our training & selection guide.

Guys that kick goals efficiently win you games.

Not surprised to see Baguely in that group. He should be in the side.

Laverne out / Baguely in.

Shiel should simply never shoot for goal.

Would like to see him pass it to Baguely or Tippa.

Wonder how good McKeena’s goal kicking efficiency is statistically speaking ? Ditto Smacks.

Money ball wins games.

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A lot of Baguley’s have been either running into an open goal square or from 10-15 out. So means little without context.


Many on here have been saying for a some time clean up our foot and hand skills and would reap a real bonus - money for jam.

The context being Laverde should give it to Bags in the goal square?


Oh so what your saying is that Laverde isn’t smart enough to do what Baguely does or that he should pass it to Baguely in what ever position he is in to significantly increase the likelyhood of a goal, and win?


I like Lav’s capacity to take a mark. But after that I think sheesh hurry up and pass it to someone who can kick the ball through the big sticks.

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Hard for Laverde to run it to the goal square if he takes a mark 35m out.

Our kicking for goal is an absolute joke. Surely there is someone out there who can be a part time coach to these players?


Im saying an assessment of someones accuracy in front of goal has to take into account where they shoot from. The article was about accuracy not who should be in team.

I’m taking it further.

In the team to kick goals.
Doesn’t kick goals.

Simple isn’t it.

If he could just learn how to pass the ball to players in positions to kick it then I would agree with you.

It’s a skill to get yourself into a dangerous position to kick a goal. It’s evident that Baguely can do that & Lav doesn’t.

But remember when he first arrived? He was a lovely shot at goal and we were saying he should coach the others in goal kicking.

EFC certainly put an end to that accurate kicking nonsense.

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Yep. Opened his career with 10 Goals to 1 point, & (iirc) no OOF.

Going at almost the opposite of that now. Wondering if it’s the hip injury, in the head, or a bit of both,… hoping he comes good with more game time and learns to settle and steady himself.

He will be fantastic in his spot if he can get even halfway back to his opening stanza accuracy.

Surely he’s better than Jay Neagle so why can’t he?

He’s actually working hard enough now.

Having only one player who kicks at more than 50% is pretty damming…

I seem to recall Lloyd, Lucas, Hird, Mecuri and Bewick were all closer to 60%. (I could be wrong… but pretty sure the majority of our golden forward line was all over 50%).

From memory, admittedly not always accurate, Lloyd had a career goal-kicking accuracy in the mid-60s. It was something like two out of three shots were goals. Wouldn’t we like someone nearly as accurate now!

We 've got someone Tippa, he just have to be fed more often than he is now. Our skills as a team overall are lacking even a 5% improvement would make a hell of a difference to us now.

It was closer to 70% pre-hamstring injury from memory. 99-01 he was freakishly accurate. I felt confident he would kick anything during that period. Anything close to in front he didn’t miss from within 50m. Was nuts.

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You’d back him 50 to 55 out almost every time.

Now when someone has a shot from within 30 I look away in fear.

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