#43 Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti - WALLA MACCA TIPPA - till 2022

Beat me by 5 seconds



though he is known for leaving the desk


So incredibly disappointing. Much love to Walla, I hope he recovers quickly.

I’m a little surprised at the “all good, plenty of time until round one” type responses on here, though.

The bloke has rocked up seriously overweight (after finishing the season in a similar fashion), so clearly he’s not in the best place to tackle a lengthy injury rehab atm, given the professionalism and dedication required. Especially being away from the club, over the Christmas break, etc.

If he couldn’t keep himself fit/lean when he wasn’t injured, I’m not sure why people are assuming he’s going to easily be able to flick that switch now.

Hope I’m wrong, of course. I just think we really need to lower our expectations around whether we’ll see much of Walla at all next year, which is a really sad possibility unfortunately.

Whatever happens, I wish him all the best. But damn.


He’s someone that’s left no stone unturned through every step of his career to be cherry ripe. He’s jumped through hoops no other player has had too to get where he is so maybe considering what he’s done for the club we give a bit back.

And he has done a huge amount.

Players getting judged by the exact same standard is so frustrating.

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Except this preseason, of course…

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It’s mind numbingly boggling.

Yeah. Stop judging everyone by the same standard, guys.


as much as I hate to admit it, this does run through my mind

itll be a long way back. hope he’s got it in him

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Yep I agree 100%, and I’m sure we all sympathise for him, however he does seem to be somewhat of a protected species around here. Unlike most, if not all of us, he is afforded elite professional support, so I personally & as a paying member, I expect a lot better from him, just like I do with all players on the list


quick someone tell walla brady’s not getting his money’s worth


Brady will ask to speak to wallas manager soon

Has an injury even been confirmed yet?

If he wasn’t preparing for round 1 he wouldn’t be putting in the extra yards now to really work on his fitness and drop some weight.

He has done fantastic and so have the players and club too get him to the point he is currently at.


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Was wondering that myself…
I’d have thought Browneye and the other ■■■■-jockeys in the AwFuL media would be falling over themselves to report it…

Pretty much my thoughts

I’m hoping he’s not the type that has given up on his career. it’s concerning the condition he’s in mentally and physically

Can’t dispute any of that. It’s fact.

Again we really don’t know what the issue was all about. Some things can drag on an on weighing you down and unable to / extremely difficult to gain closure from

Something got to him, was weighing on his mind late season and got to the point where had to step away from playing games but kept training. Once season was done on holidays maybe still dealing with the issue for the months following on, maybe worse with no football/training structure as a distraction.

Definitely a concern. Can he get past/through the issue and regain his drive to be elite level player? We all sure hope so

The fact he had engaged with a PT before preseason and was still there first day of gives me some faith regardless of how he presented.


This is what I’m worried about

At least this time Brady didn’t bring race into it.

I doubt there’ll be any word coming from the club until after training restarts in the new year, and maybe not even then.