#47 Jye Menzie - till 2024

Already better in the air than Stringer.

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The thing is Stringer has 2 players hanging off him all the time.

Based on the above set of stats, Jye Menzie stays in. But there are other criteria, given that in some games we might add or take away one small to add a tall forward.

Guelfi comes in as sub for Massimo

The small forwards all had a better night out, but guelfi is still our best small forward by a decent margin.

I’ve seen both live (Shiel and Snello). I’d pick Snello.

Shiel has zero defensive pressure.


All those stats just demonstrate what an amazing year Langford is having. And on the back of a very poor preseason his spot on the team was rightly questioned.

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He Looks Like A Footballer.

Snelling over Shiel?

Surely you’re taking the p*ss


Persist i say

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He puts himself in the right spots which is a big part of the puzzle.


Funnily enough our team defence looked 10x better last week without shiel and parish in the side.

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Yep. Can’t run team defense with passengers.

I think Heppell was not defensively working hard enough earlier in season, Shiel wasn’t/isn’t and Stringer was an issue when he first resumed seniors.

Hepp and Stringer have come into line. But I think Shiel has not yet.

At a guess, can only have maybe x1 player per team that has a license to defend loosely by attacking heavily i.e. Dustin Martin. Shiels just not damaging enough if he can’t run both ways IMHO.

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I really like him, think he does what a small forward should do but has just lacked polish a few times.

He may be a little slower than a Davey but he seems to have some real forward nous. I think with some more confidence and time at this level he’ll adjust better to the pass at that level and start finishing with a few bags


I see menz as our budget papley and I don’t mean that as a bad thing.
He will become that forward that always bobs up for one that the oppo team questions how the fark he got out there


The kid will come good - he is young and competitive and I honestly think he will be one our small forwards once we hit that premiership window!


3 or 4 goals. After half-time I’m not sure.:thinking:

I agree with the comparison but I like ‘Aldi Papley’ which sounds a bit kinder! :smile:


yeah, doesn’t have papley’s top speed but has most of everything else