#47 Jye Menzie - till 2024

I would be keeping him on the list for next year - he is an honest footballer playing a difficult position and doing ok for a guy who has played about 12 games and only one pre -season. He should build his tank up over pre-season but think he is definitely worth persevering with.

I assume we will be using Jayden next year as our primary pressure small forward and JR will move up the ground. Still be a spot there given Tippa maybe only one more year next year.

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Gotta give this guy credit at times he’s had played that forward role of going up for marking contests that he has no business being in, but when there two big forwards in the forward line he will shine even more so


He’s better in the air than our other small forwards (excluding Guelfi, who isn’t’ really a pure small forward IMO). He often seems to manage to get a spoil in against a bigger opponent to prevent an uncontested intercept, which Davey, Tippa and Shiel can’t.


■■■■ I can’t wait to see how the forward line goes with our 2M monster back


The contest he gave against Nankervis to bring the ball to ground just before quarter time was sensational. No way a forward pocket should be doing that against a ruckman. It resulted in a goal to Snelling as well.


Contributed more than tippa


walla contributed too, was part of the play that resulted in us winning the match.

He kicks goals, a useful trait for a small forward.


It’s that sort of stuff that is the reason he keeps getting picked even if his stats look quiet. The 2 goals this week was the reward for that sort of effort he puts in. It was really noticeable because as soon as he saw Nank was going to take the mark uncontested he just committed to making a contest. Love that stuff.




Which begs the question. Guelfi is probably best 22, based on effort, so who makes way for him? One key thing about Guelfi seems he has tank left at the end of games and puts in a massive effort in Q4 generally.


Probably walla or Davey I’d guess from our regular line up as I’d imagine snelling wouldn’t be in the best 22 without injuries

Menzie is the sum of the total parts over the individual flair. We badly needed smalls last year and had no Menzie, Tippa, Davey and Snelling for basically the entire year. Without these guys we just aren’t winning, they are the core that are making us more competitive along with everyone like McGrath playing their part.


Well we are about to find out what BDB thinks of Guelfi. I think Menzie stays in. He has been in good form with a great preseason. I think Snello makes way for Guelfi.

Snelling makes way for Shiel I think. They might bring guelf in as the sub

Do we need Shiel anymore ?
Yes. I forgot him.

He’s had a pretty body good year. He gets picked every week if available and they’ve been using him across half forward more. He still has line breaking speed that Snelling can only dream of


Yes, and is a very capable clearance player / inside mid as well if someone goes down. Which Snello is not.

What happened to “play the kids”?

Kid is 19 and has played 11 games.

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This is where our goals are coming from, but of course tackles, pressure points and goal assists are also important parts of a small forwards value

Goal Assists