#47 Jye Menzie - till 2024

He had to fight to get a game in another state. If Tasmania had been in better nick he would have got the support and development needed and probably could have gone straight through like the old days.

Like the old days of Essendon.

I think he can play. Yes I’m biased, but so are a lot of people when it comes to Essendon. He can finish and takes a fair contested grab for a small forward.

And has a real mullet.

Bridgewater. Where there is water and a bridge.

And footy players with ■■■■.


He is our small, best forward.

(That’s fit)

This is jye’s first year though, couple of games at the back end of last year don’t count. Only AFL 1 preseason


I was trying to be generous.

Th fishing is pretty good too, you just don’t want to park your car there

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The same will happen with mass, i must admit i was concerned about menzie and his fumbling but his body strength for a small forward and smarts are big positives.


Fanta had 38 goals by Rd.19, before doing a very bad hammy early in the next game against Carlton.

Tippa kicked 34 in the H&A

JD, Hooker, Stewart & Josh Green.
It was a friggin dangerous forwardline !


Hmm am I seeing this wrong? (Re '17)

Yep, you are looking at games.


That’d be it! :rofl: ta


This is Fanta’s breakdown of '17


I would like to see him tried in the midfield, like how we use Snelling at times.

Should have had at least six games under his belt by the end of 2022.

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Didn’t Cameron start on the HBF for the crows?

Can’t remember that far back, but his stats don’t really seem to indicate it.

10 goals in 7 games and a grand total of 2 rebound 50s

I remember the crows were trying to get him to replace McLeod, maybe was only for a short period.

McLeod started as a forward.


building nicely, use that inner mongrel to get under the defenders skin and keep taking every chance