5 coaches in 10 years, who is our next linear growth coach?

With Truck likely exiting tomorrow and a failed way too late attempt to land Alistair The Messiah, where do we turn next?

Does the board fraction and Sheedy power bring back Hird?

Do we target the old boys - Spike McVeigh, Solly?

Do we need an “experienced coach?” - do we try to pries Dimma from the Tigers? Ken from Port? Do we really need an “experienced coach”? Goodwin was not a head coach before he joined the Dees nor was Adam Simpson or Luke Beveridge…

Do we need someone with real Mongrel? Ross the boss?

Is their a package we need? Tactical coach with mongrel/tough and astute football director?

We all assume culture is an issue and recruiting.

If we start with a decent coaching structure at least……

  • Don Pyke should be close to the top of the list
  • Gia? Highly rated (assistant coach of the year credentials)
  • Ross Lyon? Too long out of the game?

Geez the cupboard is bare for available senior coaches and how do we pick the next “up and comer?” Gia, Leppa? Spike? Yze?

Makes the ■■■■ up of not targeting Clarkson before the bye even worse….

So who should our next coach be?

Experienced coach Buckley or pike
Untried coach James Kelly or gia
Farytail coach hird
Poached coach dimma or longmire

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I don’t get the Buckley idea? I loved him being at Collingwood because I never thought they’d win a flag with him - they certainly came closer than we have in the last 18 years though….


Why does Blitz criticise the club for never running a proper coach search, yet then speculates on who should coach us.

Hopefully the club appoints a panel and throws the job open to all applicants and then we will see who the process selects.


Get Nathan Buckley and give him free reign.


@DonToDeath agreeing with you. Follow a properly structured process and let it run its course.

I’m interested in Blitz opinions of who’s out there and why.

What type of coach do we need - what would the selection/search brief be?

Wouldn’t object to Buckley.




Has he been out of the coaching structure for too long??

My expectation from this club is that they will select a panel of Simon Madden, Sean Wellman and Xavier Campbell to select our next coach.

Edit - or maybe there is someone from PwC we could add to the panel?

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Was Noble a really ■■■■ coach or we’re the players just spoilt brats,.
Norf players will be in for shock soon enough if they don’t like hard coaches

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I reckon Hird in a succession plan with a strong senior Roos/Choco type as head coach for a couple of years.

Hinkley/Dimma/Buckley also should be looked at but all 3 might be uninterested.

The failure to move on Clarkson when he showed interest is such a shame.

Can someone name the coaches?

Worst old

We need a ■■■■, so Dayne Zorko come on down

Lock the thread. There’s no room for discussion in this forum.



Dimma would be great - signed until 2024 IIRC?

No changes for mine.


That’s a pity, wasn’t aware - mid year was thinking with us and them not doing well he could be poached with a big offer, rejuvenating him and us.

Pyke is really the only realistic experienced candidate but there are question marks, he’ll have unfinished business and hunger though. Largely, I feel it’s time to go innovative to find someone with some fresh outlooks on the gameplan, conviction and not wishy washy ideas, for a group that needs a lot of direction and better execution of educating younger players. I don’t think this will be a popular view.

I’m intrigued by Gia’s prospects but not sure if he’s a fit yet. He’s just one I can think of. I really like his presence, will probably coach someday.

Really I’m just hoping somehow the club can get its ■■■■ together and undergo proper process, that’s my main concern.


Pyke, Lyon, Bucks. Only ones I’d really consider.

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