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Don Devon


thats getting closer to a highlight reel…


Welcome to Essendon Devon… Now for Saad!!



Essendon Football Club is pleased to announce Devon Smith will Don the Sash in 2018 after a trade with GWS was finalised this morning.

Smith has agreed to a four year deal which will see him remain at the Club until the end of 2021.

The Bombers gave up pick number 11 and a future third round pick to the Giants, in exchange for Smith, pick number 23 in this year’s draft and a future second round pick.

Smith said he is looking forward to joining the Club’s talented young playing list.

“It’s very exciting, Essendon is obviously a massive footy club. Now the deal has gone through I’m very excited to be a part of it and can’t wait to get started,” Smith said.

“I’m excited about joining the young list, where the team is going, and the very exciting brand of footy they play.

“The plan is to play a lot more midfield time, and then get up forward and kick a few goals.

“From what I saw last season, to finish seventh is a good stepping stone and the boys will be hungry to improve on that. Hopefully we can keep improving and work towards the success everyone at the Club is looking to achieve.”

Senior Coach, John Worsfold, said Smith is a welcome addition to the Club’s list…

“He is an exciting midfielder, who hunts the footy and uses it well. He adds that depth that we’ve been looking to add to our midfield group,” Worsfold said.

“We want guys that we know can play at the elite level but also have character - guys that are hungry to get the best out of themselves.

“We want players owning their own career and driving themselves to achieve the maximum they can and by doing so help us, as a team, achieve the goals that we are aiming for.

“Devon fits all of those key criteria for us.”

In his first year at the Giants, Smith was a NAB AFL Rising Star nominee in 2012, and placed second in the GWS Best and Fairest in his third year.

Essendon List and recruiting Manager, Adrian Dodoro, said Smith’s speed and endurance will strengthen the Dons midfield.

“We wanted to bolster our midfield so we are bringing Devon in as a midfielder, not a forward,” Dodoro said.

“He is coming from a club that has a lot of talent but he just couldn’t get in their midfield. He will get the opportunity here with us and I think he will prove to be an excellent player.

“He is an exceptional talent. We are looking forward to seeing Devon play his best footy.”

Smith was drafted to the Giants in the 2011 NAB AFL Draft. He has played 109 AFL games and kicked 100 goals.

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This is gold people.


Medium to large-ish fish.

He’s a good get, and that’s a great trade by Jackets.


Great News… I really rate Smith and that trade deal is a ripper for EFC! Well done Disco and team.

I’m not surprised it was the GWS deal that happened first… they have consistently shown a willingness to trade fair and fast, often because they have so many to get through.

Dogs will be forced to accept what they can for Stringer and now we have 4 viable options for Saad… I expect that trade to drop relatively quickly too.

I’m so ■■■■■■ bullish right now… we all knew that post-saga was going to be good and now that its here… feels so sweet. Finally feel like we are getting this club back to where it belongs. YESSSSSSSSS


Due to his lack of exposure in midfield he has lots of upside.

Even at current output he’s a great inclusion.


That article confirms everything I believe

I’m sold. I’m getting excited. Don’t do this to me essendon



D(ev)ON, Welcome to Bombers

Edit; Take 2


We finished 8th.


Underrated that Devon finished 2nd in the GWS B+F… before injuries he was considered in the same bracket as their ‘elite elite’ youngsters… If we can get his body right he could be anything. Still very young and there is still heaps of upside to his midfield development.

I really think that he and Fanta can ‘share’ a midfield/forward role… to give us true pace and footy smarts. Oh I’m excited.

*Yes I have rated Smith for a long long time and am very stoked he is bomber… never thought it would be a possibility!!


The eagles finished 8th


They beat Port and advanced to rd2 of the finals.

We got arsereamed by Sydney week1.


He was talking about the end of the H&A, most people do. You talking semantics.


Four year contract for a “third rounder”… done alright!


The best part is he can also rest up forward and kick goals , and we hopefully don’t lose scoring power when raz or tippa are up the ground/off it.

Brilliant get , if he can get his body right.


It’s not semantics when it makes a material difference to a bunch of things including, topically, draft orders.