6 changes vs 3.14159 2.71828 s: the team for round 23 of 2019

6 changes
Fanta out

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18 changes in 3 weeks

17 5/6/6

Hooker, Bellchambers, Begley, Laverde, Jok and DClarke in

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IN: Jok, TBC, Hooker Begley, Dlarke, Lav
OUT: Heppell, Raz, Stringer, Zlarke, Zaka, BZT

Hep, Raz, Stringer, ZClarke, Zaka and BZT out

Beat me to it haha

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What’s Stringer’s injury?

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Predicted them all bar Begley instead of Baguley

Going with youth and run

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Team vs dogs had 6 changes

IN – Heppell, Begley, McKernan, McNiece, Myers, Baguley
OUT – Saad (injured), Guelfi (injured), Snelling (injured), Francis (injured), Parish (concussion), Hartley (omitted)

Well 5 of the 6 are shown as injured and if that’s actually true then no objection can be made. The sixth change is Hooker for Zerk Thatcher and that’s fair enough too.

I’ll be there. Not expecting much. Hoping for a bit of guts.

Pies 1 change only

Sidebottom out for Moore

Belly better be right to go.

If he gets injured then we are no chance in finals

Stringer was injured last week, But played through.

Who will we throw forward out of the 4 key backs (Ambrose won’t be tagging again, surely).

Our forward line is probably too tall we throw one forward now that lav is back in

I know the outs are bad but I still think the ins aren’t too bad either, still have faith we can win this game.


Hooker fwd.

Belly will be benched a lot


Sheesh Stringer out. :poop:


Saw last weeks VFL game live & surprised Begley & Lav got a gig.

With those outs we don’t want to win.
I think that they would prefer to play GWS in Syd.

hooker back else they wouldnt have dropped zerk?

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Nope. We had 4 tall defenders in side last week

And only got away with it as Ambrose played a midfield esque role

Pies have one pseudo tall fwd in Mihocek at 192cm